I Shall Love Again

I will arise and wipe my tears
while I await daybreak,
constantly reminding myself
of how much of me you didn’t deserve.

I shall write on the tablet
of my heart the good I’ve done
for wrong people as I imagine
how much good I’ll do for the right ones.

I shall love again,
I shall not allow the mistake
I made with you kill me of love.

I shall put our past behind me,
like a soldier, tie the lace of my boots
and march on. Open the door of
my heart your bloody fingers shut,
cover the potholes you created,
smile from the face you made frown.
The garment of rancour your
gifted hands sewed, I shall unwear.

Like a teenager,
I shall fall in love again.
You’re just one bad chapter
that I’d skip reading a book.

On this same mountain
with the love of my life,
I shall tell this story of
how you lost a rare gem
while looking for stones in the beach.

You didn’t break me.
On the contrary, you moulded me
into an enthusiastic lover,
a freelance repository of affection,
and a golden pot of experiences.

I shall wear the make-up of love
to hide this heartbreak you caused me
as I am now open to new loving.

I shall smile through the pain
like nothing happened.
I shall trust, give, hope
and be optimistic the more.

You made me into a fine flower
with origins from America,
pouring my fragrance on all flesh
and blessing the nostrils of
whomever comes near, I shall perform.

I shall be art, I shall draw men
from all walks of life with
the encompassing beauty I shall present.

I shall grow through rocks,
survive the harsh conditions
of Sahara and come out beautifully,
I shall bloosom, spread my petals
from Africa to Europe…

Oh! I shall arise, and I shall love again

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  1. Yaaaasss!!! I love the hope you’re communicating.

    We shall rise
    and we shall love again
    even though we be trampled upon
    by heartless boots

    We shall rise
    and we shall love again
    because the love
    is in the red of our blood.

    You hear me??

    Please wait…

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