The Play Boy’s Diary (Part 13)

Continued from the last part…

Danielle slept at Rose’s house that day. Rose kept wondering where she had seen Danielle’s father but she waved it off.

The next morning, breakfast was placed in the dinning room but Danielle refused to eat. Rose pleaded with her to eat a little bit, still she refused to eat, she just sat alone, crying at the demise of her father.

Rose’s mother sat in the living room with Danielle and Rose, she wanted to kneel, then she heard the door click. So she went there to see who it was, she opened it and saw Ian.

“Good morning ma’am,” Ian greeted her.

“Good morning Ian, come in,” she told him and he entered. He greeted Danielle and Rose but none of them answered, so he gently sat on one of the couches.

“Why didn’t you go to school Ian ? You should have gone to school,” Rose’s mother said.

“I just wanted to make sure that Danielle is alright,” he replied and Rose’s mother nodded.

“This is the right time to explain everything I’ve done and I hope that you forgive me, especially Danielle,” she said and Danielle looked up to her.

“Ma’am, I don’t know you, I only know that you helped me in last night. How can I forgive someone who didn’t offend me but actually helped me?” Danielle said but Rose’s mother shook her head.

“Actually Danielle, I am your mother. I gave birth to you and Rose,” she said and Danielle gazed at her and laughed hard. Rose was surprised and she opened her mouth in shock. Ian couldn’t believe his ears.

No wonder they got along so well, he thought, Danielle was still laughing.

“But dad told me I don’t have a mother, I didn’t believe it back then, but now I believe that I really don’t have a mother,” she said and her mother knelt down, Rose was already crying.

“Mom, you are so bad. You called another man my father and you took me away from my birth father from infancy,” Rose said.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt all of you
I just didn’t want you to suffer. Your father wasn’t rich back then, I didn’t want you to live in poverty, so I had to look for an opportunity to take you away from him, but I knew he won’t allow it. You were ill the day I took Rose away from home, your father took you to the hospital and I used the opportunity to take Rose away. I’m so sorry Danielle, I know that I am a bad mother but please forgive me,” she said and held Danielle’s legs tightly.

“Why should I forgive you? When I was young I was envious of those kids that had their mothers beside them. Everyone in my school mocked me for not having a mother to come and pick me from school. Dad was always away on work and I walked home all by myself at a tender age,” Danielle said.” I longed for a mother’s care and attention but I got none. Dad did everything to be the best father to me but in the process of protecting his daughter his life was short-lived. Tell me why should I forgive you?” she asked her mother with so much pains in her, her eyes had swollen so much.

Rose had cried herself to stupor, she couldn’t bear the pain of calling another man her father for ten years.

“Mom, you gave me to another person and I called him my father for so many years and even till now I still think he is my father. He treated me so badly, but you didn’t say anything about it, all you could utter was that ‘he is your father and he wants the best for you’. Wants the best for who? For a girl who isn’t even his daughter?” Rose said and her mother just cried again.

“I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to do this but the love of money made me like this. I tried to find Danielle too, but Philip had already left that house,” she said

“It was better that you didn’t find me, I wont even forgive you if I find out that you took me away from my father. I will leave now, I can survive on my own. I’ve saved up enough money for schooling and I’m on scholarship, it will be easy for me to live by myself,” she said and walked out of the house. Rose also ran out of the house and followed Danielle.

Sheila wanted to stop them, but Ian held her back.

“Let them go, you can go and meet them later, but for now leave them ma’am,” Ian said.

Ian was surprised at everything Sheila said. How could a good mother leave her daughter just because their father wasn’t rich? He just looked at Sheila in pity.

There was a look of regret in her eyes, she was so pitiful.

Danielle walked to their house quietly and Rose was behind her. Danielle kept crying as she remembered her father—how he scolded her and beat her when she was wrong.

She walked into the house and went straight to her father’s room, she took one of his pictures and sat on his bed, she looked at the picture again and started crying, Rose also couldn’t help it.

“Dad, why did you choose to leave me now? You said you loved me, right? Then you should have stayed with me. Did I forget to tell you that I usually laughed behind you whenever you scolded me? Did I forget to tell you that your beatings weren’t painful, but I had to fake a cry so you could pet me? Dad please come back so you can beat me more and I won’t fake tears anymore, I’m so lonely right now,” Danielle said and she cried.

Rose took the pictures and looked at it, she wept. “I didn’t get to know you but I know that you are a good father, please rest in peace,” Rose said, Danielle laid on her father’s bed and she slept off.

Rose helped her to tidy up the house and placed everything in order, she covered Danielle well and made sure she was sound asleep.

“Now I know that you are my twin, so I have to take care of you just like sisters do,” Rose whispered, she sat beside Danielle on the bed and took the album that was on the table, she took it and started looking at it.

She smiled and she opened a page and saw that same picture.

“I knew I have seen it somewhere, this was mom’s favorite picture. And this same man is my biological father,” she said as she looked at the picture of her mother and father in their youthful days.

Rose kept the album aside as she was feeling sleepy.

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