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The Hidden Truth (Part 20)

Continued from the last part…

Ava’s POV

I’m very tired and I need to get some rest. But how do I leave Morris and Ann here? I looked at them, they were so engrossed in what they are saying, I’m not ready for any discussion right now and I’m worried and bothered right now. I excused myself to ease myself and rushed towards the class.


I went into the class, I saw Dave, he was lying on his desk face down. I knew it, he was bothered. There wasn’t anyone in class, he was sitting down alone. Something is definitely wrong somewhere. I think I have to go to him. I went over to his desk, pushed a chair to his side and sat down looking at him. I don’t even know where to start.

Dennis’ POV

I saw Ava as she walked out of the cafeteria, I’d been watching her for a long time now, even when Dave came and left. Talking of Dave, he looked disturbed. I know him very well, and can tell when he had something on his mind. I need to follow Ava, wouldn’t like anyone taking her away. I love her but I can’t tell her. This is what happens to me at all the time, I will love someone but won’t let the person know, this is why Dave is smarter and better than I am. I stood up immediately to join Ava, when someone stopped me— Doris.

What does she want now? It is very important that I follow Ava, but I can’t leave snub Doris.

Doris’ POV

I know he was going to follow Ava, I need to stop him. I called him and he turned, he looked at my left and saw Best reading and Amelia was chewing her gum, while continually staring at him. Dennis never liked Amelia, they were neither enemies nor friends.

He walked straight to our table and sat down facing me with his hands akimbo.

“What’s up?” he asked Gift and she gave him a thumb up facing her book. He looked at Amelia, she immediately averted her eyes to me.

“Babe, I need to be in the field, see you later,” she said, stood up and walked away.

“So you called me?” he asked me.

“Yeah, I was calling you yesterday and you didn’t pick up, what happened?”

Kate’s POV

I asked that man to send me the address of where he found Ava because I need to see her. I stepped out of the building, called out to the driver and collected the keys to my car. I went in to the car, and drove out of the building. Today I need to speak with Clara yet again. After that, I will finish her up completely.

Ava’s POV

“Hey,” I called out to him, and he looked at me. I could see his eyes, he’s really bothered. He looked like someone who had been suffering emotionally. I’ve not seen him like this before.

“Nothing,” he answered looking away. Yeah another thing I noticed about him was that he was not a good liar.

“Sure?” I asked looking intently at him. I turned his face to my side, looking into his eyes. He had teary eyes, my heart went out to him immediately. I don’t know what was wrong but I had a feeling it was something important.

“You are about to cry, you are disturbed, I have a feeling that it’s something very serious. Can you share that with me?” I asked him. He held my hands, I looked at him. Gosh, this boy is so handsome, I looked at his lips, his eyes, his pointed and well-shaped nose. What am I doing? Focus Ava.

“I don’t know if you would like to listen to this story of mine, but let’s just say it’s like I want to let it out.”

Mrs. Clara’s POV

I was still serving some customers when I saw a car drive into the compound. What’s Johnson doing here again? I thought I warned him not to come to this place again? Then a woman stepped out of the car, my face fell immediately.

Kate? What’s she doing here? I asked myself as I walked towards the entrance. I came out, my hands on my waist, waiting patiently for her to approach me. All those memories, the painful memories that I tried so hard to forget came rushing to me. I hate Kate, I hate to see her.

She came to me, smiling devilishly. “Can’t you let me in?” she asked me. I opened the door for her and she walked in, she moved to a chair and sat down. I followed her and sat down facing her.

“What do you want?” I questioned harshly coupled with the fact that I’m angry to her.

“Aren’t you happy to see me here?” she asked.

“Answer me,” I replied.

“Okay, let’s get this straight. I heard my husband has been getting in touch with you.”

I quickly glared at her angry. Just control yourself. “Is that why you came here?” I asked angrily.

“What do you think I am here for? To see you? Don’t get me amused,” she said, relaxing on her chair.

“Do you know that that question should be referred to Johnson not me?” I asked carefully. I was trying to choose my words carefully.

“Don’t tell me that, you’ve not changed a bit. Why are you bent on taking my husband away from me?”

“I think I should have asked you that question long ago. You snatched him away from me and you had the guts to blame me? Aren’t you stupid to vomit that kind of thing?” I fumed. “You know what? Just go and never step your feet here again. And also caution your husband, tell him to leave me alone,” I concluded, got up and entered the inner room of the shop.

Ava’s POV

After he explained everything to me, I became speechless, I didn’t know where to start or stop. He’d been suffering like this for a long time and pretended to be okay outside. He had said something about my mom.

“You said my mom told you how you lost your memory, can you explain that?” I asked him.

“I think your mom should be in a better position to tell you that,” he answered. Then he held my cheeks with his both hands and looked straight to my eyes. “I have no idea of what has been happening to me since I met you, it seems like I’ve fallen—”

“Ava,” I heard my name. I turned, and it was Morris. Gosh, what am I going to do now? How do I explain this? I asked myself as I saw her coming over to us. She wasn’t smiling nor angry. I don’t know.

To be continued…

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