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The Confound (Episode Seven)

Continued from the last part…

She finally got to the ward where her mother was. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Her poor mom had bandages all over her head. Blood oozed out from one side of her temple. A young lady was sitting beside her bed. Rose held her mom’s hand, she felt so sorry for her. Then she turned to the lady and said, “You must be Rita, please pardon my manners, I was so worried that I forgot to say hello. Thank you so much for being a good Samaritan, if not for you, what would have happened?”

“Don’t mention madam, God be praised.”

“Ha! And that God will bless you indeed, you will never lack any good thing, you will not be left alone on the day of trouble…” Rose continued to rain prayers upon prayers on the lady. Just then, Mrs. Edwards stirred in her sleep.

Roseline’s voice must have reached her. Though she had been given sedatives to make her sleep thoroughly, but her daughter’s voice kept getting to her.

“I guess we will have to excuse her ma,” Rita said, “I think our voices are disturbing, let’s go find somewhere to sit at the reception.”

“Alright,” Rose whispered as they made their way out of the ward.

“And by the way madam,” Rose spoke, as they walked down the stairs to the reception area, “your mother is recovering fast because she was quickly attended to. You have not only me to thank for this. The owner of the hospital, who is also the Chief Medical Director witnessed the scene when your mum was rushed in. He felt so much pity that he ordered his staff to attend to her with immediate effect without me dropping a dime yet. Isn’t he nice? He is the best Samaritan! I heard he had always been like that, merciful and caring, and that is why most people in town patronize this hospital.”

“Really?” Rose replied astonished. “I owe him a lot of thanks then. I must go and see him right away.”

Just then, her phone rang, it was her Dad. Rose had actually called him on her way to the hospital but he didn’t pick up.

“Hello Dad, where are you?”

“Hey daughter! When did you bankers begin to get free time at work to call your family?” he replied teasingly

“Dad!” Rose screamed.

“Yes?” her dad replied spontaneously. He sensed the agitation in her voice, Roseline continued,

“Please come to Fountain Hospital right away, mum has been admitted, she had an accident this morning.”

“Jesus! I will be there right away,” Mr Edwards responded and ended the call.

Rose decided not to call any of her two elder brothers. Both were not in town. They had both gotten married and left for greener pastures.

“Okay, Rita,” said Rose, “please take me to the CMD’s office.”

“Alright ma, I have been there to say thank you not long before you came around.”

At the CMD’s Office.

The doctor was in the midst of a telephone conversation. “Now Eliz, what exactly are you doing over there? Don’t you think it is high time you put an end to this madness and come back home? Do you know the temptations you have exposed me to all these years?”

The voice at the other end replied, “Well, it’s been over between us the last time I checked, I won’t come back to you neither will my daughter.”

“Elizabeth, I intentionally gave you enough time and chance to have a rethink, please come back home. Let us be together again,” the CMD continued.

Then, there was a knock on the door of the doctor’s office.

“Yes? come in,” he said, then spoke into the phone, “I have to go now Eliz, will call you later.”

Rita stepped in first, followed by Roseline.

“Wow!” The doctor exclaimed excitedly as soon as he set his eyes on Rose. “See who we have here,” he continued, “good to see you again.”

“Mr. Michael? You are the CMD? The owner of Fountain Hospital?” Rose asked, surprised beyond words.

“Oh! You two knew each other? It’s indeed a small world,” Rita replied.

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