She Made Me Do It

She made me do it.
I wouldn’t have done it.
If only she hadn’t shown me,
those thighs that tempted me.

Her skirt was too short.
Her voice was too soft.
Her touch induced lust.
It was all her fault.

I lured her into my lair
The locked door confirmed her fear
She pleaded to a deaf beast
But the beast only wants to feast

The beast was strong and capable
His thrusts were true and terrible
The sounds she made were sorrowful
and her tears made it all enjoyable

Sweet sixteen is sweet indeed.
I poured my seeds and watched her bleed.
I made her lunch and cleaned her up.
But my mind was still not made up.

Should I send her on her way?
Or do I keep her for another day?
The beast would need to be fed again,
so I chained her up as she begged in vain.

Now the beast has had his fill.
She’s now looking pale and ill.
Eighteen years is no longer sweet.
I choked her till she could no longer breathe.

She made me do it…

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