One and Only Kiss (Episode Seven)

Continued from the last part…

Mary stood, she was not affected by the girls touch.
The new girl arched her brows in surprise.

Why will nothing happen to Mary, no one has ever stand her evil touch? she thought.

Mary was shocked when she realized that she did not fall even though the new girl’s hands touched her.

“Who the hell are you?” the new girl asked angrily.

Mary stood still before Owen. Owen was scared and was peeping from Mary’s shoulder to see Jude who lay on the floor

Mary kept quiet. The girl held Owen by his hand. “Owen, this Mary is evil, I only displayed my power so that I can heal you. Once I touch you in your chest, you will be healed, but now this girl is obstructing your deliverance,” the new girl said.

Owen forcefully pried his hand off hers. “You made Jude fall, I’m scared of you,” Owen said in sign language.

The girl squeezed her face tightly and looked at Jude who lay on the floor. “I made him fall so you can know how powerful I am.”

“Make him stand,” Owen said in sign language.

“Sure.” The girl squatted beside Jude, she casted some spell, she placed her hand on Jude’s chest and Jude’s eyes opened.

Jude opened his eyes and saw the new girl’s hand on his chest. “Get your hand off me,” Jude said and pushed her hand away. He stood up quickly and dusted his body. “What happened to me? How did I find myself on the floor?” Jude asked and Mary sighed in relief.

Nobody answered Jude.

“Let’s go dear,” the new girl said as she held Owen’s hand again and tried to pull him away from the rest room.

“No, you are scary, tell me your name?” Owen questioned in sign language.

“My name is Bella,” the new girl replied.

“Bella, how did you get the power to make Jude fall?” Owen asked in sign language.

“My father is a priest,” she said.

“What’s his name?” Owen asked in sign language, while Mary and Owen stood there watching and listening to their conversations

“Lennox,” she replied.

“Come again?” Owen said and moved closer to Bella.

“Lennox,” she said affirmatively.

Owen arched his brow and looked at Mary who also know who Lennox was.

“Will you like to see him?” Bella asked.

“No,” Mary replied her.

Owen moved closer to Bella.

“Did you say your father is Lennox?” Owen asked to be sure.

Bella nodded.

“How can I see him?” Owen asked in sign language.

“How about when we close, you follow me home to see him?” Bella said.

“No Owen. It’s a trap, don’t follow her,” Mary said and Jude folded his arms watching and trying to make sense out of what is happening before him.

Bella held Owen’s hand and pulled it. This time, Owen wasn’t reluctant, he followed her to the class.

Owen thought that the girl cannot be lying, there is no way that girl can be so powerful, unless her father is also powerful. He would make sure he followed Bella to her house to see Lennox who can tell him who the right girl was.

Who knows, he might even speak today? He would just gonna surprise his parents at home with his speech. He kept imagining how it would be like if he spoke.

Owen and Bella entered the class, break time was over and the next lecture commenced.


Mary and Jude walked out of the rest room to meet Kitty and Lydia who were standing by the entrance.

“The girl is a red witch, she almost killed Jude,” Mary said.

“I knew something isn’t right about the girl,” Lydia said.

“Can somebody explain what is happening to me here? I might be of help?” Jude said.

“No Jude, you almost died today, it’s better you leave and not interfere,” Mary said.

Jude smirked.

“If she is a red witch, then I’m a pink witch. I will show her that I have more power than she does,” Jude said with a confidence he didn’t feel. He knew that he was just boasting. He was as powerless as a common rat in the face of a cat.

Kitty giggled. “You?” Kitty said with a belittling face.

“Guys, this girl has found a way of convincing Owen to follow her home, that is very dangerous,” Mary said.

“What are you still doing there? Don’t you know that the break is over?” a teacher said coming towards them.

They all bowed their head slightly and went to the class. The teachers taught them according to their teaching periods. The school finally finished its academic activities for the day.

“Applied art is as boring as hell,” Kitty said frustratingly after they had received the last lecture for the day.

“Guys, let’s talk about Owen. What do we do? Are we gonna watch him go to Bella’s place?” Mary said while exchanging glances with her friends.

“The impossible thing is to convince Owen, no one can change his mind,” Lydia said.

“Yeah, he’s stubborn, once he makes a decision, he doesn’t change it,” Kitty added.

“What do we do?” Mary said and the two girls sighed heavily thinking of how they could help Owen.

“What if…? Forget it,” Kitty said.

“What if what?” Mary asked.

“I wanted to ask what if the lady really wanted Owen to speak and we probably just misunderstood her?” Kitty said.

“No, the girl is evil, trust me, she is a witch,” Mary said affirmatively.

“Yeah, I do not trust that girl. Girls, you know what?” Lydia asked. “Let us follow Owen to Bella’s house,” Lydia said.

Mary thought for a while and nodded in agreement. The three girls stepped out of their class

“Girls, shouldn’t we go along with Jude?” Kitty suggested.

“Oh no,” Mary said.

The teacher that chased them from the rest room met them on their way to the school garage.

“Hi girls,” he said as he approached them and smiled.

“Any qualms?” Mary asked.

“Not at all. I would like to have some time with you girls,” he said.

Mary and her friends exchanged glances, wondering what has gone wrong with the teacher.

“Can you please leave us alone?” Lydia said.

“Girls, I mean it, I like you girls, we can be friends?” the teacher said.

“We ain’t interested in being friends with you, please respect yourself and leave,” Mary said and walked away from him with her friends. “What in the world is wrong with that teacher?” Mary asked as she held the wheel of the steering of her car.

“He is probably having a mental problem,” Kitty said.

“Maybe,” Lydia replied.

“Girls, the car is not starting,” Mary said as she tried starting the car many times, but it wasn’t.


“Yes, Bella has called me, she is coming home with Owen,” Lennox said facing the Unknown.

“Good,” Unknown said.

“Thomas said he had a spy monitoring those girls that are crushing on Owen. The spy overheard the girls saying that they would follow Owen here, but Thomas has told me not to worry, he said he will distract them,” Unknown said.

“That’s my boy, he does his job perfectly, he will definitely not allow those girls follow Owen and Bella,” Lennox said.

“I must say your daughter is doing a good job too,” Unknown said.

Lennox blushed. “Thanks, our lives are dedicated to this temple,” Lennox said.

Minutes passed and a knock was heard on the door. Lennox walked towards the door and twisted the knob.

“Oh! We have them here,” Lennox said as Owen and Bella entered.


“Guys, what is happening to your car?” the teacher said as he approached Mary and her friends inside the car. They had being struggling with the car for over thirty minutes.

Mary stepped out of the car. “Can you help us?” Mary asked.

“Of course,” the teacher said and smiled. He walked towards the car, he opened the front bonnet of the car and hooked back the wire he unhooked some hours ago from the battery connector. He closed the bonnet confidently, he was happy that he had successfully deceived and delayed them.

“Start it now,” he said proudly. Mary’s eye dropped at his confidence.

She wondered what gave him so much confidence, after all, he is a teacher not a mechanic. Mary reluctantly went to the driver’s seat and kicked off the car, to her and her friends’ surprise, the car started.

“Oh!” Mary exclaimed. She peeped her head out of the car’s window and bowed slightly to the teacher. “Thank you,” Mary said.

The teacher waved his right fingers towards Mary and her friends and walked away feeling fulfilled and accomplished.

“Wow! He did a perfect job,” Kitty said from the back seat.

“I can’t imagine,” Lydia replied.

“Yeah, but girls, Owen and Bella have gone, how do we know Bella’s house? Because I do not think Owen is safe,” Mary said with a fretful face.

Kitty and Lydia sighed. There was silent for a while

“Why don’t we check the school’s blog? The mobile numbers and addresses of each students are there,” Kitty suggested.

“Good!” Mary exclaimed happily.

“Wise girl,” Lydia teased.

Mary brought out her phone and logged into the school blog. She searched and found her name and her details. They found her address, Mary wrote it down and smiled. Kitty and Lydia who were peeping into Mary’s phone sunk back to their chairs happily.

“Off we go girls,” Mary said out loud happily and raised her left hand in the air while her right hand held the wheel of the steering

The girls screamed happily as Mary drove to Bella’s house.


“You’re welcome Owen,” Lennox said as he gestured for Owen and Bella to sit.

“I guess you don’t know who we are?” Unknown said.

Owen shook his head. He couldn’t speak neither could he speak to them in sign language. He thought that they may not understand sign language.

“We know you are dumb and we know you will speak if you kiss the right girl, and may I tell you that the lady sitting beside you is the right girl? If you really want to speak, kiss her now,” Lennox said referring to Bella.

Owen who was listening to what Lennox, was saying was also at the same time praying to Zeus his god to help him. Owen hesitated.

“Kiss her boy, don’t be afraid,” Lennox said. Bella moved closer to Owen and placed her hand on Owen’s chest.

“Kiss me Owen,” Bella said. Owen kept staring at Bella like an helpless sheep.

“See me in the other room,” Unknown said to Lennox and walked to a room. Lennox followed Unknown to the room.

“Lennox, if Owen is hesitating, why don’t we force him?” Unknown said.

“How?” Lennox asked.

“May be you drug him, or what did you think?” Unknown asked.

“Alright, I’m gonna serve him a drink that will make him sleep. Once he sleeps, Bella will be able to kiss him comfortably and he will never speak again for the rest of his life. Then our temple will be secured.”

“Do that,” Unknown commanded.

They both walked inside and saw Bella and Owen still struggling gently with themselves.

“Bella, don’t force the boy, how about getting you guys a drink?” Lennox said.

“That is cool,” Bella replied.

Lennox went in and brought in a two cups of wine, he laced one with a sleeping pill and the other wasn’t laced. Lennox served them and they both picked their cups from the tray.

Bella sipped her own in at a gulp. Owen prayed to Zeus to help him as he was about to sip the wine
He sipped the wine and his vision became blurry, he felt sleepy. He struggled not to sleep, but the sleep was fast taking over him.


“Yeah, here we are,” Mary said as she parked her car beside Bella’s house. They all stepped down.

“How do we enter and save Owen because everywhere seems to be locked up?” Mary said.

She and her friends stared around the fenced house looking for a way to enter.

To be continued…

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