Mama Said

Mama said,
Love with all your heart
Go to war with peace in your heart
Love who hates you
Accept the apologies that you never received
Hold grudges against no one

Mama said,
Don’t be scared of the storm
It comes only to test your strength
She said,
Don’t be scared of failure
Embrace corrections
For these are success in disguise

Mama said,
She said, my son forgive yourself always
If you don’t, God’s forgiveness won’t be worth it
She said, even on spiritual matters
Take your step one after the other
Don’t be holier than you can afford

Mama said,
There’s time for all things
Good things will come at their appointed time
She said,
My son be patient
Life is a hospital
Looking for whom to admit
Don’t be its patient

Mama said,
learn to be happy most of the time
Don’t be in a hurry to grow up
Play, joke, laugh
For a child’s pure heart is what you’ll later crave for

Mama said,
When you find that lady with your heart in her hands
Be her friend
Closer than everyone else
With you,
Let her feel secured
And when she does
Don’t take your heart from her
Give her more reasons as to why to hold on to it

Mama got sick
She said she wouldn’t die
With sigh of assurance,
I smiled
As I watch her leave for the Benue
At the park
“Bring village oil for me o!”
I yelled
I waved
Mama waved too
But she waved for the last time
She never came back

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