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Keeping Up With Trisha (Episode Fifteen)

Continued from the last part…

Trisha’s POV

I stood transfixed with shock as I stared at the handsome figure before me. I shuddered, he was a mansion with a view.

Silly me.

“Hey! Stop staring,” Davis yelled and I jerked backwards without saying a word. “Did you suddenly lose your tongue?”

“About the…” I trailed off when he took few steps towards me and I stepped backwards.

“What were you saying?” He arched his brows and I got lost.

Jeez… Trisha get a grip on yourself.

“I…I came to see…if you were okay,” I stuttered, then mentally slapped myself.

“Really?” He chuckled and whirled around.

“I’ll be in my room,” I said and ran out of his room to my room, then shut the door and fell on the door, and heaved a deep sigh. That was when I realized I had been holding my breath.

What was that?

Just then, my phone rang and I glanced at the caller ID, and it was dad.

“Hello dad.”

“Hello princess. How you doing?”

“I’m okay dad.”

Am I really okay? Jeez Trisha



“Are you okay?”

“Yes… Of course.”

“Okay, any news?”

“What news?”

“Trisha, are you really okay?”

“I’m fine dad. What news?”

“Your mission,” dad said.

“What mission?”

“Trisha!” he howled and I jerked the phone off my ear. That was when I remembered I was here for a mission. Silly me.

“I’m working on it dad.”

“Trisha don’t get carried away.”

“She better don’t,” I heard a voice say from the other end.

“Dad you are you with—?”

“No one,” dad replied hastily, but I wasn’t convinced.

“Dad, I’m finding it difficult to cope.”

“You have to try,” dad said.

“Dad what’s wrong? Tell me.”

“I’m fine princess. Just try to make him trust you.”

“Time up,” I heard the same voice say from the other end.

“Dad?” There was no reply. “Dad?” The line went dead. What’s happening?

I dialled his line again but it wasn’t reachable. I got scared and continued trying it till his phone was switched off. My heart raced multiple times, then I got a text from dad and it read:

Don’t bother coming up. Get the record before returning. I love you Princess.

I got scared at the text and tears welled up in my eyes. I remembered the men from the CSI I saw the other day and how dad was scared when they left. I knew something was wrong and I needed to protect my dad. I can’t lose him after losing mum. I’ll have to get the record.

I wiped my tears and headed downstairs just in time to meet dinner already served, and Davis was already devouring his food. I took a deep breath, then took a seat opposite him. Guess that was a wrong choice because I was just staring.

“You’re not gonna eat?” Davis asked, pulling me out of my thoughts. Then I took my spoon and scooped some mashed potatoes into my mouth.

“Why did you leave alone?” I asked in between our meal.

“That’s a question friends and not enemies ask,” came his sharp reply.

“C’mon can’t we be friends?”

“I’m the worst thing that ever happened to you, remember?” he reminded me of my words.

“But we’re now living together.”

“Even Judas ate with Jesus,” Davis quoted.

“Seriously? You go to church?”

“I’m not you, wheelchair.”

“You’re so arrogant.”

“That’s ’cause you’re too low to mingle with.
You’re not my class,” he added, then dropped his spoon and walked to the living room, hands on his phone.

“Hey! Mr. arrogant,” I yelled and he raised his left hand.

“Talk to the hand.”

I swallowed my anger and continued eating. I was too hungry to skip my meal.

After eating, I went to my room and took my bath then put on my nightie. I returned to the sitting room and Davis was busy with his phone. I walked to where he sat and sat beside him, then he got up and headed upstairs.

“Hey! Davis.”

“I don’t wanna get infected,” he yelled back. “Sandra,” he called the maid and she ran to meet him. “Get me some disinfectant,” he instructed, then ascended the stairs hands still on phone.

I glanced at Sandra and she just smiled. Did I need smiles now?

Davis’ POV

I opened my room door and walked in, then I shut the door behind me. I slumped on my bed then dropped my phone. I felt insecure and the same time secured around Trisha. I just wanted to know her better but I’m still scared that she was going to leave like mum did. My doctor already advised me to avoid getting emotional especially with girls. I can’t open my heart for another friend apart from Chase. He understands me better but there’s something about Trisha and she seems nice. Still can’t take chances, I might die this time around.

A knock came on the door and I jerked out of my thought.

“Who’s it?”

“It’s Sandra.”


“I got the disinfectant.”

“Take it away.”

“But sir…”

“Just go.”

I heard her footsteps scurry away, then another knock came.

“I said take it away!”

“It’s Trisha.”

“What do you want?”

“I got you spiders.”


“Look behind you.”

I whirled around and a spider was hanging on my face.

“Argh!” I jumped out of the bed and hurried to the door but it was locked from outside

“Open the door!”

“You don’t like spiders? I got you bugs.”

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