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Entrusted (Episode Nineteen)

Continued from the last part…

Without another word, Dave hastily stood up on his feet and rushed towards Hannah. As soon as he got to her, he drew her into a very tight embrace, stroking her hair. After a while, he broke away from her and stared at her for a short while before dragging her to the visitors’ chairs. He made her sit on the left chair while he sat on the right one. He stared at her again for another short while, then he broke the silence.

“Where have you been?” he asked as he watched Hannah keenly.

“I travelled. Just got back last week,” Hannah sighed.

“Just like that!” Dave bit his lip.

“I searched for you everywhere, asked about you from people but no one seemed to know about your whereabouts.”

Dave rubbed his palm on his forehead wearily. “I tried your phone number, it was not reachable. You just left without a word,” Dave groaned.

“I’m sorry.” Hannah exhaled. “I didn’t know I’d be traveling too.” Hannah shrugged her shoulders. “Anyways, that’s in the past. I’m here now and so are you. You are my boss.” Hannah smiled as she leaned forward and gently stroked Dave’s face.

“Hmm.” Dave let out a gusty sigh as he looked at Hannah.

Hannah grinned as she stopped stroking Dave’s face. Dave rested his back on the chair and gently stroked his chin with his left hand as he watched Hannah, smiling.

“Hannah Montana.” He licked his lips.

“God, Dave! You haven’t changed!” Hannah laughed. “How many times do you want me to tell you to stop calling me that?” She slapped Dave’s lap.

“Ouch!” Dave yelled and rubbed his lap with his right palm.

“That’s painful,” he whined.

“Yes. You should stop calling me Hannah Montana.” Hannah scowled playfully.

“No, I won’t!” Dave pouted.

“Then I won’t stop hitting you too.” Hannah heaved a sigh.

“Whatever.” Dave smirked.

“Okay.” Hannah stood up on her feet and made to leave Dave’s office.

“Stop!” Dave bit his lower lip. Hannah didn’t stop, she just continued walking. “I said stop, I’m your boss!” Dave yelled. Immediately he said that, Hannah stopped in her tracks. “Huh? ” Dave looked at her back as she stopped walking. “Wow, she stopped.” Dave grinned and bit the right side of his lower lip.

“Humph!” Hannah groaned and turned back to face him. “How may I help you sir?” Hannah asked as she sneered at him.

“Hmm, I just need you to sit down here.” Dave smiled as he pointed at the chair Hannah stood up from.

“Humph!” Hannah let out a gusty sigh as she rolled her eyes. She marched towards the chair and sat down on it.

Five minutes later, Dave was still sitted on the chair, his chin in his left hand, still looking at Hannah. Hannah just sat there looking at the ceiling.

“Are you just going to continue staring at me like that?” Hannah asked as she counted the ceilings for the umpteenth time.

“Yes.” Dave grinned childishly at her.

“Hmph!” Hannah shook her head and sighed.

Griii! Griii!, Dave’s telephone rang. Dave and Hannah looked at the telephone and sighed.

“I’ll be at my desk, sir.” Hannah stood on her feet and gently walked out of Dave’s office.
Dave smiled and stood up on his feet. He walked around the desk and sat on his office chair and picked up the receiver.

“Hello?” he spoke into the receiver as he placed it on his ear.


“Right now?” he asked.


“Okay. I’ll be right there.” He clicked his tongue and replaced the receiver back on the telephone.

Grummm! Grummm! Dave’s phone rang as he dropped the receiver. He checked the caller ID and saw that it was his Sunshine.

“Shit!” He facepalmed himself as he took his phone from the desk. “Hey honey.” Dave smiled as he picked the call.


“Fine,” he replied.


“Umm…no, I mean yeah…I was busy.” Dave scratched his head as he talked.


“Umm…yeah. I’m still busy.” Dave sighed.


“Thank you darling. Bye.” Dave grinned.


“I’ll call you tonight. I love you.” He chuckled and dropped the call.

He dropped his phone back on the table and stood up. He adjusted his short and walked out of his office.

“Hey, where to?” Hannah asked as she saw Dave alight from his office.

“The chairman wants to see me.” Dave smiled and rested his hands on Julie’s desk.

“Oh, okay.” Hannah forced out a smile.

Awww, you don’t want me to go? I’ll be back before you know it.” Dave winked as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Who doesn’t want you to go. Just go. Ppali! Ppali!” Hannah hastily slapped Dave’s hand and pretended to be reading a file.

“Bally? You mean Bally in Big Brother Naija?” Dave asked, looking bewildered.

“Huh? Just go!” Hannah shook her head, looking at him bewildered too.

“Ha! You’re lying. You don’t want me to go!” Dave pointed at her teasingly. “Anyways, I’ll be right back!” He grinned at Hannah and took his hands off her desk before walking away.

Hannah looked at his figure till he was out of sight.


Dave with few other people rode the elevator to the top floor. Immediately the elevator got to the top floor, it dinged and it’s doors slid open. Dave stepped out and walked briskly to Mr Adams’ office. He walked towards Mr Adams’ secretary and came to a halt in front of her desk.

“Oh, you’re here already,” Mr Adams’ secretary, Favour smiled at him.

“Yeah,” Dave smiled back at her.

“Hmm.” Favour picked up her receiver and placed it on her ear.” He’s here sir,” she spoke into the receiver.


“Okay sir,” she nodded her head and replaced the receiver. “You may go in,” she grinned at Dave.

“Thank you ma’am.” Dave smiled and walked towards Mr Adams’ door. Dave gently rapped on the door before opening it. He entered the office and slightly bowed his head.

“You can have your sit.” Mr Adams reclined his chair and shut the file he was going through.

“Thank you sir.” Dave bowed again and took his seat.

“I called you here to discuss with you about something important,” Mr Adams rested his hands on his desk as he spoke.

“Okay sir.” Dave looked at Mr Adams keenly.

“Well, we’ll be opening two cements branches in Paris.” Mr Adams twitched his lips.

“Okay sir.That’s great.” Dave nodded his head.

“Good. I need you to make me five different designs for the branches.” Mr Adams rapped his finger tips on his desk.

“Huh? Five sir?” Dave raised a brow at Mr Adams.

“Yes, young man.” Mr Adams twitched his lips.

“Oh…okay sir.” Dave bowed his head.

“Good.I need those designs on my desk next week.” Mr Adams added.

“Okay sir.” Dave bowed his head again.

“Good. You’re dismissed.” Mr Adams waved his hand in the air.

“Thank you sir.” Dave stood up on his feet and bowed before walking out of the chairman’s office.


“I’m back!” Dave grinned at Hannah as he approached her desk.

“Okay,” Hannah replied without looking up from the file she was staring intently at.

“Okay? You won’t even look at me?” Dave pouted.

“No!” Hannah twitched her lips. “I’m busy,” she quickly added.

Dave looked from her face to the file that was before her. “Huh?” Dave scoffed. “Hahaha,” he chuckled.

“What’s funny?” Hannah looked up at him in bewilderment.

“The file’s upside down.” Dave laughed, pointing at the file.

Hannah looked at the file and bit her lower lip. It was indeed upside down.

“Ah, I’ve really missed you Hannah Montana!” Dave laughed as he walked to his office.

Hannah pouted and looked down at the file again and smiled.

“My crazy secondary school crush.” She smiled to herself and turned the file the right way.


Hannah’s secondary school love for Dave was a one-sided thing. She loved Dave and wished he was her boyfriend but Dave didn’t love her that way, he only loved her as a sister.

While they were in secondary school, they were really close till the extent that everyone in their class thought they were dating then. Actually, Hannah really wished they were dating or they would date but they graduated from secondary school and attended different universities, her dream never came true even until that moment.

When they lost contact, she felt like she was going to die, then she travelled. While she was in Korea, she dreamt every day and night that they meet each other again and now, her prayers have finally been answered.

Well, since God brought us together again, then… Hannah thought and grinned cunningly.


After Dave left Hannah’s desk, he entered his office and sat down on his chair.

Argh! So stressful!” he groaned as he loosened his tie a bit. “Five sketches? Fuck!” he cursed under his breath as he placed his legs on his desk and crossed them. “Humph!At this stage, I’ll just go crazy!” he yelled and bit his lower lip.

Grum! Grum! His phone rang on his desk.

Aish!” He groaned frustratedly as he reached for his phone. “Jude what is it?” he groaned as he swiped the receive icon upwar.


“Huh?!” Dave shrieked and immediately stood up on his feet. “How could you?” He pursed his lips hysterically. “Oh my God!” Dave hit his palm on his forehead.


“How could you?!!…how?!!!” Dave yelled as hit his hand on the desk continuously.


“It wasn’t inten….are you crazy?” he stuttered and walked away from his desk.


“You’re crazy!”


“Mistake?” he yelled as he walked back and forth around the office.


“Okay. You. Are. Fired” Dave yelled, squeezing his fist as he walked around.


“Huh? Are you..are you seriously telling me that I can’t fire you right now?” Dave widened his eyes as he stood by the window.


“In fact, just get the fuck off my phone!” he hissed and hung up.

“Can you imagine? That piece of art is fucking expensive! Now I have to make another painting. Like seriously?” Dave ranted, ruffling his hair as he walked about left and right.

“And…oh my God, I don’t even know what to say right now!” Dave pouted.

“I really used my efforts on that painting and that stupid, insane boy did that…oh my God, I’m going insane.” Dave bit his finger as he thought about his predicament.

“What is the problem?” Hannah, who had been standing by the door asked bewilderedly.


Hannah was arranging the files on her desk when she heard someone yell. She actually thought she heard wrongly but almost immediately, she heard a yell again, this time, it was a ‘How could you?’

She hastily stood up from her desk and looked left and right, trying to figure out where the ‘How could you?’ was coming from. Then she heard an ‘It wasn’t inten…are you crazy?’

She looked back through the window and saw her ‘insane boss’ walking around with his phone plastered on his left ear. Hannah gently walked towards her boss’ door, opened it, and stood by the doorway till he hung up and started talking to himself.

Who does that? Hannah thought as she watched him.

After watching his for a while,she couldn’t take his stupidity anymore so she decided to ask him what the problem was.


Dave turned and walked away from the window, towards Hannah.

“Hannah Montana, can you imagine—?” Dave pouted, his small pink lips looking cute.

“Ah, I’ve told you to stop calling me that!” Hannah groaned. “So, imagine what?” she asked, looking sternly at Dave.

“Thank you…can you imagine that my apprentice mistaking poured paint on one of my paintings?” Dave blinked his eyes rapidly as he talked.

Awww, that’s bad.” Hannah shook her head pitifully.

“And that’s not even painful. What’s painful is the fact that that painting is fucking time and effort consuming. It’s one of my most recent works!” Dave exclaimed as he continued blinking rapidly.

“Uh-huh! Sorry.” Hannah looked at him with her face in a grimace.

“Thank you.” Dave sniffed.

“I think you should stop blinking, it’s not like you’re crying,” Hannah suggested, gritting her teeth.

“Oh.” Dave pouted.

“Yeah. And stop sniffing too, there’s no mucus in your nostrils.” Hannah shrugged her hands.

“Oh, okay. Thanks.” Dave was rendered speechless.

Is she not supposed to be telling me sorry? Hannah Montana you’re a bad secretary! Dave cried inwardly.

“Sorry. I’ll be heading back to my office, sir.” Hannah waved her hands in the air and forced out a smile.

“Ah, okay.” Dave scratched his head.

“Hmm.” Hannah nodded her head and turned. She walked out of her friend/boss’ office and gently closed the door behind her.

Ah!” Dave groaned and walked back to his desk,cursing under his breath.

“I’ll kill Jude, I swear!” He bit his lip as he sat down on his chair. “In fact lemme call Sunshine.” He pouted.


“Hannah Montana, can you imagine?” Hannah mimicked Dave as she got to her desk. “Hmph!” She snickered, covering her mouth with her palm. “Pabo!” She smiled.


Dave dialed Julie’s phone number but it wasn’t reachable. He dropped his phone on the desk and frustratedly placed his legs on it. While thinking about his predicament, he unconsciously drifted off to sleep.


As soon as it was four o’clock, Hannah arranged the files she had scattered on her desk and carried her bag. She stood on her feet and walked briskly to Dave’s office.

Ko-ko-ko! she gently knocked on Dave’s door, expectantly waiting for a reply.

Ko-ko-ko! she knocked again after waiting for a while without any response from Dave.

Ko-ko-ko-ko-ko! she hastily rapped on the door after she got no response again. Hannah opened the door after getting no response from Dave the third time. She walked into his office and gently closed the door behind her as she saw that he was sleeping. She slowly walked towards Dave’s desk, minding the way she walked in order not to wake him up.

Dave had his legs crossed on his desk and his head slightly tilted to the left, his left palm cupping his cheek and his mouth left slightly open in a pouty way.

“Huh!” Hannah snickered. “He’s cute though.” She smiled as she watched him.

Grummm! Grummm! Dave’s phone vibrated on the desk as it rang.

Hannah hastily stretched out her neck to check the caller ID then she saw Sunshine on the screen with a love emoji right beside the last letter E. Something flashed in her eyes but she quickly adjusted herself when she noticed Dave stir out of sleep.

“Hmph.” Dave stretched his body as he dropped his feet on the floor.

He picked up his phone and checked the caller ID. It was his Sunshine. He was about to pick the call when the call ended. He scratched his cheek and looked up, that was when he noticed there was someone standing before him–Hannah.

“Hannah Montana,” he called out,trying to stiffle a yawn. “Uhmm…what’s up?” he asked drowsily.

“Ermm…I…ermm,” Hannah who had forgotten what she went to his office for stuttered. “I came to tell you that I’m heading home.” She scrunched up her face as she searched for what to say.

“Oh. Is it closing time already?” Dave asked.

“Yeah, it’s four o’clock.” Hannah nodded her head.

“Oh, so we close by four. Okay.” Dave twitched his lips.

“Yeah.” Hannah nodded.

“Bye.” Hannah quickly added and marched out of Dave’s office before he could talk.

Dave smiled drowsily as he rubbed his left eye with his palm. “She didn’t even give me her phone number.” He clicked his tongue.
Dave stood up and took his phone from the desk and dropped it in his pocket, he adjusted his shirt and tie before picking up his car keys from one of the chest of drawers. He looked around his office and slowly walked out.

As he walked towards the elevator, he dialed Julie’s phone number.

“My baby,” he pouted as soon as Julie picked his call.


“I dialed your number but it wasn’t reachable,” he muttered drowsily as he pressed a button on the elevator.


“Oookay.” He smiled. The elevator slid open and he walked into it. There were two other people in it.

“Not really though.” He smiled wearily.


“Yeah. Very sure.” He nodded his head vigorously.


“Hmm. So how are you? How is work?” he asked.


“Hmm, good. I’m good too.” Dave smiled again.


“Have you eaten?” he asked.


“What?” he asked again as the elevator reached the ground floor and dinged.


“Really?” He chuckled.


“Wow. It’s good.” He smiled and walked out of the elevator.


“No jare.” He frowned.


“I’m kukuma hungry, just didn’t know what to eat.” He pouted, slowly walked out of the building.


“Okay. I’ll get something to eat when I get home.” He smiled.


Dave smiled, listening to Julie as walked out of the building to his car.

“That reminds me.” Something flashed in his eyes as he unlocked his car.


“Sunshine can you imagine? Can you imagine?” He pouted as he got into the driver’s side and closed the door.


“No, not that!” He blinked his eyes rapidly as he fastened the seatbelt around him.


“Chill, I wanna do something,” he replied Julie and hastily took his earpiece on the dashboard and connected it to his phone.
He fixed the ear piece in his ears and started the engine of the car.

“As I was saying…” He pouted again, driving out of the company.


“Sunshine can you imagine what Jude did to me?” He sniffled.


“He poured paint on my painting!” Dave almost cried.


“I know right?” He pouted as he drove.


“That’s not even what’s painful. What’s painful is the fact that he poured that paint on a very expensive painting.” He scrunched up his face.


“Sunshine are you laughing ni?” he yelled.


“Better.” He twitched his lips.


“Thank you jawe, my love.” He pouted his lips again.


“I know you love me.” He smiled giddily.


Awwn awwn, I love you.” He grinned childishly.


“Okay my baby,” he replied, the grin still plastered on his face.

“Uhmm…so you’re still at the office right?” he asked.


“Okay. Just don’t stress yourself too much.” He smiled.


“Ha, you are good.” He smiled again.


“Okay. Call me when you get home okay?” He raised his brows.


“Good. Bye.” He smiled.


Tut! Tut! Tut! the call dropped. Dave used his left hand to remove the earpiece from his ears as he drove with the other hand.

In no time, he got to his apartment. He unlocked the gate and drove into the compound. He switched of the engine of the car and dropped his phone in his pocket immediately he disconnected the earpiece from it. He walked to the gate and locked it before heading for his main apartment. He opened the door and walked to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and brought out a bottle of water. He gulped down the water and threw the bottle in the bin.

“Woah, my hand is very straight.” He clapped and grinned, looking at the bottle he threw in the bin. He closed the fridge and turned away from it.

What do I cook? He sucked in his lower lip as he thought of what to eat. After thinking for a while, he settled for noodles.

“I can’t overwork myself” he licked his lip.


Throughout her drive back home, Julie kept giggling to herself.

“Such a crazy man,” she muttered to herself as steered the car to the left.

“Sunshine, can you imagine…? Can you imagine?” she snickered.

In no time, she got home. She opened the gate and drove in. As soon as she had parked her car, she got out of the car and walked to the gate. After she locked the gate, she walked back to her car and carried her bag before walking into the house.

“I’m back, B!” Julie yelled as soon as she bp into the living room.

Hannah who was in her room, thinking about her ‘stupid boss’, and smiling all to herself shrieked as she heard Julie’s yell. She hastily stood up on her feet and walked out of her room to the living room.

“Babe.” Hannah smiled as she sat next to Julie who was already sitted on the couch.

“Hey!” Julie grinned.

“How was work today?” she asked, running her fingers through Hannah’s hair.

“Fine,” Hannah replied with a smile on her face.

“Hope it wasn’t stressful?” Julie asked as she ran her fingers through Hannah’s hair.

“Nope.” Hannah shook her head.

“You’re sure?” Julie raised a brow.

Ne!” Hannah replied, nodding her head.

“Ok.” Julie repiled.


“Can you imagine what happened to the man that was…” a newscaster on the TV was reporting an accident.

Julie and Hannah who were paying no attention to the TV turned their heads towards it immediately they heard, ‘Can you imagine?’ the both of them unconciously giggled and snickered at the same.

“Huh?” They both looked at each other, smiling.

“Ermm, uhmm…” they both stuttered. The both of them looked at themselves again and laughed.

“I’ll be heading to my room.” Julie smiled and stood up.

“Okay. When you’re done undressing, come out for dinner, okay?” Hannah smiled too, looking up at her.

“Yes ma’am,” Julie replied as she walked out of the living room.

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