Love and RomanceSeries

The Hidden Truth (Part 19)

Continued from the last part…

Mrs. Johnson’s POV

I sat down on the single cushion in the parlour, watching one of my favourite programs displaying on the television, when a text message came in. I opened it, it was the man I sent to follow my husband. Seems he has something for me because he said I should come outside. I rushed straight outside towards the gate. I signaled to the security man to open the gate, and he opened it immediately, making way for me to pass.

I looked carefully and saw his car parked at the other side of the road, I crossed the road and he opened his car for me. I got in, he looked at me and smiled.

“So did you get anything?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I did. Look,” he said handing a very big envelope to me, I gave him a smile.

“Here contains the pictures right?” I asked to confirm.

“True,” he answered.

“Should I get your money here or should I send it into your account?” I asked him.

“You know ma’am that I don’t accept my money in cash, send it into my account,” he replied.

“Nice then, I’ll do that later,” I concluded, getting off the car and rushed inside. I went into the room, dropped the envelope on the bed and went into the bathroom to take my bath.

Ann’s POV

I came back to school and was welcomed by friends. They were all happy to see me.

“I’m sorry for not coming over to see you, I hope you understand,” Ava apologized.

“Yes, Morris told me you were busy. Thank you,” I replied as I sat down on my chair.

Amelia’s POV

“She’s back in school,” I told Best and Doris.

“Yes, I saw her earlier with Morris.”

“Since our plan failed, what other plans did you come up with? ‘Cause I personally want that girl dead. She has stolen Dennis, the heart of the school and also Dave is her next target,” Doris said referring to me.

“Or Dave was the one after her,” Best chipped in.

“Are you on her side now?” I asked Best. She has started with her stupid antics, I was tempted to strangle her. She just looked at me, shrugged and turned to her phone. Better.

“I have my plans, Doris. Yeah she’s back, I won’t act now. I know the right way to kill her,” I assured them.

Morris’ POV

Ava joined us at the court, looking on as we practiced. She had tried to play with us, but I refused because of her health. She just sat down as we played. I must confess, Ann really tried, she has gone far with them and they are almost perfect. I love basketball.

“Ava, what are you thinking?” I asked as I could see her moping at nothing in particular. I touched her and she froze.

“Are you okay?” I asked her and she nodded.

“Let me practice with you guys,” she demanded. I couldn’t say no, I just accepted and led her into base to change into her basketball uniform. She came out packing her hair in a two-braided hairstyle. I laughed immediately I saw her, and she smiled.

“Now can we play?” she asked.

“Yeah, come on.” I dragged her to where others were resting.

“Now, our team leader wants to play with us. Ava, choose your partner, let me choose mine.” Ava selected some girls while I and Ann were on the other team. I blew the whistle immediately.

Mr. Johnson’s POV

I was still inside the car. How can Clara tell me to stay away from her and her family? Yeah, she was my ideal woman, she was supposed to be my wife not chasing me away. My parents caused all this, if they were not pressuring not to get married, I would have been happier with Clara. She’s my woman. I think the love I have with Kate was now gradually fading off.

Have you been in a situation where you love a woman, for instance, then when the old one you have been having affection for before came back, you tend to push all the attentions you have on the recent one to the old one?

That is what is happening right now, I don’t love Kate anymore. I only love Clara and only her can make me whole. I rushed home later and came inside, my wife wasn’t in the parlour, I entered my room. I saw a very big envelope on top of the bed. I went over to the bed. I took the envelope and tried to open it.

Kate immediately came in. Immediately she saw what I was holding, she rushed me and snatched it out of my hand. I just moped at her as if she has gone mad.

“What is your problem?” I fumed.

“Don’t you know you should mind your business? Don’t touch what does not belong to you.”

I opened my mouth in awe. “I think it’s better that way,” I muttered and went towards the dressing room, I came out shortly after and laid down on the bed.

Morris’ POV

I must confess, Ava can play basketball, she won us with three goals.

“I’m tired, let’s go and take in something. I’m damn hungry!” Ava shouted.

We all nodded in agreement, we showered and went into our dressing room. We put on our uniforms and went towards the cafeteria. We ordered some burgers with ice cream and sat down to take them out.

Dave’s POV

I heard Ava is in school, I’ve not seen her since morning. I’ve missed her too. But why is it that I want to see Ava so badly? That girl has changed my life a lot. I’m always missing her or dying to talk with her. I want her so much today.

Well, about of my dad, he’s bent on not telling me where my mother was buried. I shrugged and went into the cafeteria to get some snacks. I went over to the counter and requested for a can bear and doughnuts. As I turned, I saw her, she was sitting in the midst of so many girls, and Morris was there too.

Let me find my way immediately.

Ava’s POV

I’ve been thinking of Dave since morning, hope he’s okay, I’ve missed him. That was very strange. Since he became nice to me, I keep on missing his jokes. I love seeing him and the way he moved his mouth when talking to me, I wish I could be with him forever.

Uh-huh…forever? I snapped the thought out of my head immediately. Then I saw him enter the cafeteria. I sat admiring his board shoulders and his stature when he was buying some snacks. He turned and his eyes met with mine, I winked at him. He ran upstairs, why? Didn’t he see me winking? I look at my side. Oh Morris.

Mrs. Kate’s POV

I opened the envelope and what I saw shocked me, I threw out the pictures out of shock too. Am I dreaming? How come I saw Clara’s pictures with Johnson? Where did they see each other?

But the important question is: how is she alive? I thought I killed her. Gosh.

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