The Confound (Episode Six)

Continued from the last part…

“My car had a minor fault, I had to come to work by means of commercial transport,” Rose replied.

“I see, so was that the commercial means?” Williams asked mischievously, referring to the car that dropped her by raising a thumb over his shoulder.

“He helped me when I couldn’t get a bus on time,” Rose replied, getting tired of her boss’s taunting. Mr Williams could be troublesome sometimes.

“Okay, I was just pulling your legs anyway, but be careful, we men can be very funny. Make sure it is not beyond ‘the lift’,” Williams warned.

“Okay boss,” Rose replied, glad that he was about to get off her back.

“Now, get me C&L company’s file, I need to see how they are making progress about their loan repayment. I heard from a reliable source that the company is going through some financial challenges, and you know what that means, we cannot afford to take any chances.”

“Okay sir, will do that right away,” Rose responded while Williams strolled to his office just adjacent hers.

Rose settled down to pray again.

“Father in Jesus’ name, I thank you Lord for the grace you gave me to report safely to work this morning and the favour of the man that helped me. Be with me Lord, and with my husband and our daughter all through our activities today, grant my husband journey mercies and show him favour before his clients. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”

Her phone rang, it was David. “Hello honey,” Rose chimed, “where are you now?”

“Hi Rose, I am at the airport right now, about to board the flight to Port Harcourt, are you at work already?”

“Sure, Rose replied, though it was a bit stressful this morning, the car refused to start, but someone actually helped me down here.”

“Oh sorry, will call the mechanic to come over and take a look at whatever may be wrong with it. Will be back tomorrow or next as I promised. Take care of yourself and Debbie, will call you later.”

“Okay,” Rose replied, “may God be with you, I love you.”

“Okay bye,” David responded and off went the line.

Yeah, that is David for you. It’s been a long time he said those words to his wife “I LOVE YOU.” It’s been a long long time, probably during their courtship. Even whenever his wife said it, he still found it difficult to respond. Not because he doesn’t love or care for her, but he was not just the romantic type and this drives Rose crazy. She longed so much for sweet words and loving touches from her dear husband but got nothing.

“When last did my husband even give me a hug, except only when he needed sex? Hmm…” She sighed sadly, and tried to push her private affairs aside and get back to work.

“I must find C&L’s file right away,” she said as she set to start the day’s work.

Some hours later, her phone rang. There was panic in the voice of the caller. “Is that Roseline Evans?” came the voice, it was a female voice.

“Yes please,” Rose replied a bit worried, “who am I unto please?”

“My name is Rita. I found your number on the phone of one Mrs. Edwards who was hit by a careless driver in the early hours of today. I found her nearly unconscious by the road side and I rushed her to the hospital. She had been mentioning Rose since, so I decided to search for your number on her phone. She is presently receiving treatment at Fountain hospital along—”

” What! I know the hospital,” Roseline shouted interrupting the caller. “Jesus!” she screamed again dropping the phone on the tiled floor of the office.

The shattering sound of the phone reached her supervisor in the next office. He immediately called her on the intercom. “Hello Rose, I hope all is well, what was that sound?”

“My mum was involved in an accident, I need to go see her urgently please.” She dropped the receiver without waiting for her boss’ response. She picked up her scattered phone and her bag and nearly flew out of her office.

Williams was on time to block her on her way out. “Take it easy Rose, all will be well okay? I will give you a call later,” he advised.

“Alright boss, thanks for your understanding,” she replied, with tears running down her cheeks. The thought that her mother had been lying almost unconscious at the hospital all the while she was busy at work was too hard for her to take in. “Poor mother,” she murmured as she rushed down to pick a bike to the hospital.

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