Shhhh, Seven Deadly Sins

Don’t say I uttered a word!
Close your eyes and open your minds!
Chain your doubts and unfetter your conscience.

Incline your ears, I shall not reiterate my words again!
Read with a clear thought, for the pages shall burn after you read them!
I hope the ashes sink into the recesses of your soul and find an expression!

One: The Man Called Father
A man scouring the soil, unseeding that he had sowed with sweat and reaping a premature harvest.
A girl may never look into those eyes again to call a man ‘Father’.

Two: Promiscuous Mother
Labake, a mother figure by the day and a hunter by night.
She shoots to feed four sickly mouths.
Alert by the roadside, breasts ready to aim; canals ready to be trodden.
Who would tell her that her offsprings are now an offshoot of iniquity?
Who shall tell her that a round, bloated stomach only spells an impending death?

Three: Murder
Having jabbed the knife…
Where was the anger that cascaded down your eyes like the lava of a volcano?
The quiet voices warned…
you failed to listen!
Now your heart runs quicker than your thoughts.
Why do you flee your consequence?

Four: Filling Up A Child With Hate
Keep arming him with swords pointed at his heart!
Go on, wear him an armour heavier than his little comprehension.
Yes, go on, instruct him, the art of battlement.
Soon, arrows shall dance around your legs and the swords shall come flying at you.

Five: Marital Sexual Abuse
Commander-in-Chief of violence….
Her lips continually vibrate and her eyes are never dry in your attendance!
The wrath of your member may never destroy her body!
Albeit she is weak today, tomorrow may dawn with a new kind of strength or perhaps, a new kitchen set of bravery.
She may just soon forget a knife on your chest.

Six: Gourmandizer
Do you again gobble at the table of a time to come?
Do you drink yourself to an unforbidden intoxication?
Will you tonight again fondle the breasts of your sick old woman?
Why not play with the testicles of your old man tonight and hear the machete slicing through your besotted skin?
The drums of an early demise, Okeke, trounces in your compound…
Learn to live in moderation to avoid annihilation.

Seven: Money Making Machine

1. Input your wants; her waists will work the numbers.
2. Different cock for a new day; the little hen will learn to drive the nuts holding safe the bed.
3. Your fourteen-year-old brood have colluded to your wishes; the barns of innocence is broken and the silos of sin is bountiful.
4. A girl will learn to bank in damnation and yield the interests of violation.
5. The number of defilements; balance brought forward: an utterly broken child.
6. Pim! Pim! Pim! Dear Mother, the ATM is transacting your transgression.

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