Letter from Hell

Alas the train to eternal life has left
and I’m not aboard.
I am now left behind in this place I was once adored.
The sun no longer shines here,
the moon no longer comes near,
Everyone left here is dead, alone and bored.

The birds no longer fly,
the newborns no longer cry.
Life is gone, but there’s no need to mourn,
cause people no longer die.

We’re all trapped in a singular day,
with no morning or night, an endless day,
with pitch-black views,
and silent blues,
we exist in a meaningless way.

The light at the end of the tunnel had been snuffed out,
by the smoke from the train on which we missed out.
Hell hath dawned on us,
like the werewolf’s curse,
and not one of us is left out.

So here I am, at the end of days,
Pleading on you to change your ways.
Love one another,
Don’t hurt each other,
Or else like me, you’ll end your days.

I hope we never meet…

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