Love Isn’t Magic

Today I write you a poem. Saying the feelings wandering in my heart.

I’m caught in the whirlwind of emotions
My gaze entwine with the fire in your eyes.
Engulfed with the conflagration of your touch.
My heart rate triples into total bliss.

This isn’t magic where goety and theurgy are summoned.
This is a limerence, where we both fell head over heels into love at the cusp of July.

This isn’t entertainment affairs, like the close up and stage magic.
This is a chess game, you, me with no gooseberry.

This isn’t a spell work of Harry Potter which can be missed.
This is a passion, where we both drowned in desire. Sealing a pact of forever.

This isn’t a charm which can be be dodged.
This is an obsession, where we both can’t share each other with another.

Love isn’t a magic, love is more than what can be controlled.

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