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Entrusted (Episode Eighteen)

Continued from the last part…

“Best! Wake up!” Julie tapped Dave’s arm as she checked the time. “Best! Time’s gone. We’re gonna be late for work!” Julie tapped him again, this time, continuously. “Best!” Julie yelled into his ear.

Argh! OK! I’m up!” Dave groaned and kicked his legs against the bed.

“We need to get up. The time’s 7:30am,” Julie yelled as she got up from the bed.

“Huh?” Dave widened his eyes immediately and sat upright on the bed. “What did you say?” he asked as he turned to Julie.

“You heard me! The-time-is-se-ven-thir-ty-a-m!” Julie sneered as she wore her slippers.

“Geez! And you didn’t wake me up!” Dave shrieked and threw the blanket away..

“Huh! I’ve been trying to wake you since!” Julie scoffed.

“You should have used water!” Dave threw his arms in the air dejectedly.

“Oh, next time, I will!” Julie replied as she headed for the bathroom, naked.

“Shit!” Dave groaned as he hastily got down from the bed and rushed to the bathroom with Julie, also naked.

They both brushed their teeth and had quick baths. They rushed out of the bathroom to the room and quickly rubbed cream on their body. They wore their undies and headed to the closet at the same time as they picked the clothes they were going to wear.

“What’s the time right now?” Dave asked as he took his wallet from the dressing table.

“Jesus… 8 o’clock!” Julie shrieked.

They both of them quickened their paces as they packed everything they needed. Dave packed the shirt and trouser he picked, his wallet, he took his car key from the chest of the bedside drawers and picked a pair of shoes. Julie also packed the gown she picked and took the slip-on shoes she wore the day before, she carried her bag and took Daves’s phone and hers.

Dave wore his trouser and Julie also wore her gown as the both of them ran hurriedly down the stairs and out of the house. They threw their belongings in the car and Julie ran back to the door to lock it while Dave opened the gate.

“Help me with my gown.” Julie turned her back to Dave as she threw the house keys in the car.

Dave zipped up her gown and gave her the car key to drive out while he wore his shirt. Julie drove out and Dave hurriedly locked the gate. He got in the car and Julie sped off.

Luck was not on their side as there was heavy traffic on the way. Julie scurried through the shortcuts she knew and after a while, they got on the high way.

“Shit! I didn’t take my phone!” Dave facepalmed himself as he wore his shoes.

“I took it. It’s in my bag,” Julie replied as she drove.

“You’re a darling!” Dave smiled as he reached for Julie’s bag in the backseat.

“Uhm…check my phone for any missed call.” Julie stole a quick glance at Dave before looking back on the road.

“OK.” Dave took out his phone and then searched for Julie’s phone.

“Any missed calls?” Julie asked as Dave got hold of her phone.

Dave pressed the power button of her phone and unlocked it. He knew her password was ‘BEST’ as his was ‘SUNSHINE.’

“Ah!” Dave exclaimed as he checked Julie’s call log.

“What?” Julie stole a glance at him.

“Twenty missed calls!” Dave opened his mouth.

“Holy shit!” Julie shrieked as she turned to collect her phone from him. The car turned sharply to the left as Julie took her eyes off the road.

Sunshine!” Dave yelled as the car swiveled off their lane.

Oh my gawd!” Julie shrieked and quickly turned to face the road. She grabbed tightly on the wheel and quickly steered the car back unto the road as it was about to fall off the highway. She hastily stepped on the brake of the car. The car screeched as it came to an abrupt stop on one side of the road.

“What the fuck were you thinking?” Dave yelled as Julie turned off the engine. “What were you fucking thinking?” he yelled again.

“I’m sorry.” Julie held her chest, trying to stable her breathing, panting.

“What if you hadn’t been fast enough to turn the car back on the road?” Dave who was not satisfied with Julie’s plea yelled hysterically.

“I said I’m sorry. What else do you want me to do?” Julie yelled back.

“Huh?” Dave scoffed and shook his head as he hit the dashboard with his palm.

“If you’re so concerned about your life…” Julie began to say.

“Concerned about my life, you say?” Dave cut her off. “Who’s talking about my life?” Dave yelled furiously. “I’m more concerned about your life. Your. Own. Life!” Dave yelled again as he scratched his hair nervously.

Julie whose shoulders were already tensed up, ready to fire back at Dave, relaxed immediately.

“It’s your life I’m more concerned about!” Dave brought his voice lower and looked around in exasperation. Julie’s nerves calmed as she looked silently at Dave, emotionally dumbfounded. She stared at him with warmth and affection in her eyes.

Dave ruffled his hair and got out of the car. He walked around the car over to the driver’s side. He opened the driver’s door and gently pulled Julie out.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?” he asked as her gently turned Julie around, checking all over her body for any scratch.

Julie’s eyes brimmed with tears. The tears streamed freely down her face. Dave looked at her face and saw her tears. He sighed shakily and wiped her tears with his thumbs, he then hugged her.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you.” He paused his lips as he reminisced about what happened a while ago and what would have happened if Julie wasn’t fast enough. “It’s just…the thought of losing you drives me crazy. I was scared.” He sighed as he gently stroked the back of Julie’s head with his fingers. He disengaged from the hug and stared into Julie’s face. “Promise me you’ll never be careless, driving or not…I’m there or not.” He tucked the hair that fell over her face behind her ear.

“I promise,” Julie whispered shakily.

“Good.” Dave drew her nearer and smooched her forehead as he closed his eyes.

“I love you Best,” Julie whispered almost breaking down in tears.

“I love you more Sunshine,” Dave smiled and whispered too.

After a while, Dave held her by her shoulders and turned her around. With him behind her, he led her to the passenger’s side. He opened the door and gently helped her in. He shut the door and turned round the car before entering the driver’s side. He got in and gently fastened the seatbelt around Julie and fastened his seatbelt too before driving off.

None of them spoke to the other for a very long time. They just sat there in the car, each with his or her own thoughts.

“So, should I drive you to your office first?” Dave broke the silence as it was reaching its climax.

“No, let’s go straight to the factory together,” Julie replied silently.

“Okay.” Dave smiled as he drove.

And straight to the factory it was. After passing through the check points, Dave drove into the factory.

“I’m so nervous right now.” Dave smiled as he turned off the engine.

Awww, I’m here with you,” Julie chuckled, rubbing her palm on Dave’s backhand.

Dave smiled and leaned closer to her, he smooched her lips quickly before opening his side door. He got out of the car and opened the passenger’s side for Julie to step out.

Julie opened one of the backseat’s door and wore her shoes as Dave knotted his tie and wore his shoes too. Julie carried her handbag and both of them headed for the main building. They entered the ground floor and took the elevator to Mr Adams’ office.

“Hey Dad.” Julie grinned as soon as she entered Mr. Adams’ office.

“Hey honey.” Mr. Adams upon hearing his daughter’s voice looked up from his laptop and smiled. His smile vanished when he saw Dave right behind Julie.

“You’re late,” he stated bluntly.

“Oh dad, my car is faulty so this morning,I called him to come pick me up with his. That’s why he’s late,” Julie quickly covered up for Dave.

“That’s right, sir.” Dave gulped,bowing his head.

“Hmmm,” Mr. Adams groaned. He twitched his lips for a second and picked up his receiver. “See me in my office, now,” he said into the receiver as soon as he placed it on his ear. He replaced the reciever back on the telephone while Julie sat down and signaled to Dave to sit too, which he did. After a while, Mr. Adams’ secretary stepped into the office.

“Assist Mr Dave to his office.” Mr. Adams smiled at his secretary.

“Yes sir,” his secretary replied and bowed.

“I have to get going now Dad. Can you get one of your drivers to ride me to the office?” Julie gave her dad a cute puppy face.

“Of course my darling.” Mr. Adams grinned at her. “My personal driver is around the building. Tell him to take you,” he quickly added.

“Thanks Dad, bye.” Julie smiled and got up from the chair. She and Dave then followed Mr Adams’ secretary out of the office.

“So when next will I see you?” Julie asked Dave as they rode the elevator, wrapping her hands around him, not minding that the secretary was there with them.

“Hmmm…I don’t know yet baby.” Dave smiled and ruffled her hair.

“Oh, I even forgot to tell you that Friday is mum’s memorial day.” Julie face-palmed herself.

“Seriously?” Dave asked, looking at Julie.

“Yeah.” Julie nodded her head affirmatively.

“Wow.” Dave sighed as the elevator dinged at it reached the third floor. “I’ll call you bae.” Dave smiled at Julie as he walked out of the elevator with the secretary.

“Okay.” Julie nodded and waved her hand. She pressed a button and the elevator slid close, taking her to the ground floor.

“This is your office Mr. Dave.” The secretary smiled as they passed a open office and entered an enclosed one.

The office was well furnished. It had a office chair and desk, with two visitors’ chairs and a sofa not far from the desk. On the desk were folders, a computer and keyboard, a telephone and many other office equipments.

“You already have a secretary too, she’ll be joining you soon enough.” The secretary smiled. “Her office is the one right outside yours,” she added. “And concerning you day offs,the chairman told me to tell you that you may have Tuesdays and Fridays to yourself,” the secretary quickly added again before Dave could speak.

“Oh, okay. Thank you.” Dave smiled at her.

“And ermm, your pay, the chairman said that he’ll personally discuss about that with you later. And the list of telephone numbers you’ll be needing is next to your telephone. If you need anything, call me. I’m :4′.” The secretary grinned.

“Okay,” Dave replied, nodding his head in affirmation as he also grinned.

“Your secretary will be here after her examination. Bye.” The secretary waved her hand.

“Thank you so much.” Dave smiled, waving his hand.

After Mr. Adams’ secretary left his new office, Dave looked around the office, taking every bit of it in. “Looks good,” he muttered to himself. He turned around his desk and sat in the chair, reclining it. After a short while, his phone beeped.

Dum dum!” Dave brought out his phone from his pocket and unlocked it. He checked his notifications and saw that he just got a WhatsApp message from his Sunshine. He clicked on the message and opened it.

I’m missing you already Best!” he read the message and smiled.

Awww, I’m missing you more Sunshine. I feel like I’m going to die,” Dave replied with a sad-faced smiley.

Awww, should I come back there? We can have a quickie you know…” Julie sent another message with a winking-faced smiley.

Dave chuckled and rested his hands on the desk and begun to reply her.

Quickie? Awwn…that’s so lovely, should I fly over an aeroplane so that you can…” He was still typing away when he heard someone step into his office.

“Good morning sir,” he heard a feminine voice greet him.

“Good morning ma,” Dave replied with his eyes transfixed on his phone as he typed.

“My name is Hannah Mandele. I am your new secretary,” he heard the lady speak again.

How come that name sound so familiar? Dave paused his hands. Oh no…there was only one Hannah Mandele he knew and....

Dave quickly lifted his face from his phone and stared at the lady standing before him, looking directly at him. He couldn’t believe his eyes. His phone slipped from his hands and fell unto the desk.

“Hannah Mandele,” he muttered, looking at the lady before him unbelievably with his mouth slightly open.

“Dave Charlie,” Hannah called his name in astonishment.

“Hannah…Mandele!” Dave called her name again, this time, louder.

Read Part Nineteen.

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