Security in Nigeria

I think of a word;
gory images beckon
my memory to bear.
Images I now have to
abandon here…
so I’ll live.

A baby….
not more than 120 minutes old,
cradled softly in a white crib
inside a hospital.

Mother, in a room;
IV piercings held
in place with plasters.
In her subconscious, she celebrates
her exertion lasting four hours.
All she sees is the image of her newborn;
her breasts transude milk at this.

She knows she wants to see her baby now…
She beckons to a wet nurse;
wet nurse smiles, and turns
to the nursery, white shoes
slapdashing against white tiles.
Wet nurse traces crib number…
She peers inside…
No baby!
She feels the furry sheets;
It’s still warm.

She dashes to the receptionist…
“Have you seen a baby?”
“Look around you, there are so many babies,”
she said.

Wet nurse’s heart vibrates…
she rushes back to the nursery yet again…
Crib still empty; gradually waxing cold.

She rushes outside the hospital…
She knew she was in charge of this baby!
She had tucked him in herself…
She looks around her…
Cars cough and sputter in the busy streets.
Their blaring horns drain out her thoughts…

She runs back inside…
Halting everyone in white in their busy steps…
“Have you seen a baby?”
Heads are disagreeing…
She slowly walks to to Female Ward…
Standing at the door,
she watches a mother smile…
In hopes of holding her baby.
She could picture the smiles cracking like
a glass laden with weight
and shattering in a thousand smithereens.
Still she walks in, to deliver the blows
to a stomach still soft from screams.

In another side of town,
baby cries from the shawls.
He just wants his mama!
Baby is sold for millions…
Buyers are happy…

You’d think either ways
baby ends up in a home
with toys…
Baby ends up in a mortar
pounded for sacrifice and
untold wealth.

If you think you’ve read it all…
then know this is just a page
torn from the encyclopedia of pain;
written by my country.

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