Oh dear sadist who smuggled my sister and eat her like sharwama.
Slowly, faster, reducing her to nothing.

You made her your embodiment of pleasure,
drank her like coffee,
mauling her two apples.

Swollen eyes,
faint bones and you clap your grimy hands over her yelling voice,
straight to dungeon.

You are the villain that maliciously launched the heaven
between her two legs and ripped her dignity.
Pounding her with that darting pestle
while she vibrates
like the locust beans in the grinding machine.
helpless like a kitten on a tree.
If only today was never meant to be.
Her smile faded into oblivion.
So unfortunate like the ice in a mud.

To you scoundrel and the rest of
your kind out there, with thread of sadness to tie
innocent flesh,
crossing stitches over the mouth.
Turning palace into furnace within
minutes that ruin years.

A movie which replays without a remote
control. Worst of all channels.
The zest of life now lies a probable or never.
Oh ye scoundrel and the rest of your kind out there, making bliss a pie in the sky.
Be warned.

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