Of Days

Of days—

When we sleep in hunger
staring at the white sky above
wishing our soul would go on expedition
to find a food for our flesh,
we sing in a chordless rhythm
hoping the end will come

Of days—

When look into our mother’s eye
seeking the return of our fathers
we lie hopelessly seeking death
hoping for it like a savior
let it come we say.

Of days—

When we mock God
saying, “Come to our aid”
but we tag our kins foes
would the Lord come in his glorious entourage to save us?
if not us, then who?

Of days—

When we search truth—
but lies were all we’ve had
peharps, we are an embodiment of lies
lies foretold by us.

Of these days—

We seek atonement for our sins
we seek grace to live another day
we seek strength to stand the truth
we seek love to know the truth
and we hope we are saved
may this new day bring us back to you


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