Unfolding Memories

A day like today I ran
into nostalgia like a frogman.
To breed my known moments. To evince the pictures
wandering through
the grumpy and genuine field.

Even if we try to hide,
there will always be a
thrown up of renaissance, picturing
all the pros and crons.

To say the story that nestled at the center of my heart, ragging faster and hotter than the nuclear warhead.

My heart rate may quiver
when it’s sundown.
But I will give a Sheen to anyway they appear.
I will not give up, instead I will call up a brawl.
I will write an epilogue of love to my chary heart.
To conflagrate all the dreadful times spent.
And make way for a pretty emotions to gust.
To clutch the trash hidden beneath the unforgettable past.
Cementing my faux-pax with a great cusp
of a powerful future
yet to come.

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