Island of Ignorance

When she came she was a light
When she retir’d home she turn’d anight
In gentleness she was a dove
A thousand smiles were mere deceits
But when she struck she was a scorpion

Like the manna on the hunter’s trap
I embraced her but she was a bait
A decorated danger waiting for a victim
She was as noiseless as a rat in the cupboard
A simple guise to empty my content

My father’s mistake is the grave
To my unborn son I’m the coffin
From experience I’m an island of knowledge
Lessons from the severe tortures of life
Yet I watch my unborn son a corpse
For his father is in dungeon of servitude
And he is born into a familiarized bondage
And will never have a taste of freedom

The continent where I lived in is a dungeon
Africa cried like a prisoner
But knew not that civilization was devastation
Here comes globalization a clear destruction

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