Ukwu Akwa

She wore ukwu akwa while she passed,
Her ukwu stirred up my interest not the akwa
The akwa perfectly suited on the ukwu
I wished her ukwu was this nnukwu

She was brown skinned
The one Wizkid saw and
Sang brown skin girl

She noticed I looked,
Because the hands I had dipped in the bucket with my soap while I washed, got stuck in the bucket, letting free the soap and my hands on a carefree turning around in the water.

My eyes were fixed on those ukwu
It wasn’t big, not at all small
It was just a comfortable size
That had a perfect connection with her tiny waist

It was her back I looked
Inquisitiveness made me want to know the face that carried such blessing
So I starred
She like she noticed she suddenly stood.

From a distance of twenty meters
She looked towards me as she smiled
Those words were a come let’s get to know each other to me

I stood
Cleaned my hands on my dirty T-shirt
I had kept for the next turn of washing

Each step I made had my heart beat a six zeros added to a step
The more I looked forward the more she kept me on with a smile
It wasn’t far to get to
But my steps were so slow

Just four steps remaining
I noticed her stare focused after me
I smiled to get her attention
Just as she has been giving it freely to me

A deep voice from behind,
“Honey, I’m sorry I took that I took so long.”

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