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The Confound (Episode Three)

Continued from the last part…

Wifey’s Background

Roseline on the other hand was from a totally different background. Her parents were literates and averagely rich. Her family was the direct opposite of David’s. Roseline was used to the kind of home where love was openly shown and both parents were so romantic. They went on family picnics almost every weekend. Birthdays were celebrated in special ways. Her parents never missed celebrating their wedding anniversaries during which the children give to their parents beautiful gifts. It was a crime to forget birthdays in Roseline’s family. No, it never happened! They all had each other’s birthday in mind…

There was one of such that Roseline would never forget, her twenty-first birthday. That very day was the day she wrote her final paper in the university. She already thought all she would receive was just calls and text messages from her dear family. But to her utmost surprise and amazement, her family already planned a secret party for her, despite the fact that she was to write an examination that day. Being the only girl and the last child, she was the favourite of her Dad.

She stepped out of the examination hall around 3:00 pm, glad to be done with her first degree at last. All her colleagues were already jubilating and celebrating their success. She just walked slowly to her hostel after taking some pictures with some of her friends. She missed her family. Such a day as this, a party would be thrown no matter how little, depending on how buoyant her parents were at the period.

She got to her hostel only to see her Dad’s car parked nearby. She caught sight of her two elder brothers too, gisting near the car. She increased her strides, a brand new excitement enveloped her. She ran into her father’s arms.

“Happy birthday,” they all chorused.

“Wow Dad, thanks, I am so happy!” she shrieked excitedly. “Where is mum?” she asked.

“Your mum is busy with arrangements back home. We have only come to pick you princess. So get into your room, take whatever you will need for the weekend and let’s zoom off.”

“Okay Dad! she screamed as she galloped to her hostel.

“Hey sis, we didn’t come to pick you oh,” her brothers whispered as she walked past them. “We are here for more serious business than some silly birthday celebrant,” Alex the eldest continued. “How far about Dorcas? The lady I met when I came for your fellowship reunion last time, you promised to talk to her didn’t you?”

“Big bro, free me oh! It’s my birthday today, please try again later, will be right back” she said and off she went without waiting for a reply.

“I told you she won’t cooperate,” Raymond, the younger one addressed his brother, “she doesn’t know anything more than birthdays and cakes.” They both laughed.

Within an hour, they were back at home. Their big sitting room was filled with a small crowd, mostly family friends and relatives. Her childhood friend, Paulina was there too.

They were all engrossed in their chitchat when the family entered. Roseline stole a quick glance around the room, the whole place was decorated with pink, her favourite colour. A large portrait of her best picture had been made and placed strategically where everyone who entered the room could easily spot it. She looked breathtaking in the picture, that was courtesy of her Dad, she was very sure.

She was filled with so much joy and awe when she saw her birthday cake, a two step white and pink cake which had a little image of her at the top, so beautiful a cake. The cheers from the little crowd in the room jolted her out of her reverie.

“Happy birthday Rose!” they all chorused.

“Thank you, thank you,” she replied excitedly, tears of joy forming in her eyes. Paulina gave her a warm hug while they both entered Rose’s room where another pleasant surprise awaited her. Right on her bed was the most beautiful gown she had ever seen. It was a long pink gown with beautiful silver designs on it.

“Wow!” she screamed and hugged Paulina again. “I am jealous of you oh,” Paulina replied smiling.

Just then her mum entered. “Thank you mummy! I know you got the dress,” Roseline shouted, jumping up and down like a toddler before hugging her mother.

“Yes daughter, you deserve it, you are a good girl and congratulations on the completion of your first degree examination, your celebration is double, glory to Jesus!”

“Thanks mum, you are the best,” she hugged her mother again. Roseline was very happy, it was one of the happiest days of her life aside her wedding day. She looked like an angel in the dress and kept on taking pictures until she got tired…

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