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Keeping Up With Trisha (Episode Fourteen)

Continued from the last part…

Trisha’s POV

Everyone diverged from the school looking pale and with long face. I felt guilty for what happened and I knew Davis would never forgive me.

“Let’s go visit Davis at the hospital,” Eva suggested when we were at the school gate.


We got in her car and drove to the hospital. I was quiet all through the ride while Eva was talking endlessly though she was also sad. When we arrived at the hospital, we headed straight to the VIP ward and lucky enough, we saw Chase pacing about impatiently.

“Hey! Chase!” Eva waved then Chase turned to me furiously.

“What have you done?” I was quiet as I gazed at my feet. “Answer me Trisha.”

“I didn’t know it would result to this. I am sorry, okay?” I replied.

“How could you be so heartless? I already told you he was allergic to the smell of fried ginger, you almost choked him to death.”

“I just wanted to pull a prank on him, I never meant to hurt him” I half-yelled as tears welled up in my eyes.

“Where’s my grandson?” Grandpa Hilson asked walking in.

“He’s in the emergency room,” Chase replied while I hastily wiped my tears.

“What happened to him?” Grandpa Hilson asked. Chase stared at me for a while before reluctantly replying.

“We have no idea.”

“Trisha what happened? You were with him?”

“She wasn’t at home,” Chase replied immediately.

“I’ve always been scared of leaving Davis alone,” Grandpa Hilson muttered, then sat on the waiting chair.

Soon the doctor walked out and asked Grandpa to follow him. Chase sat at a distance with Eva, while I stood on my own.

“What’s wrong with Davis?” I heard Eva ask him.

“He has a hole in his heart,” Chase replied and I was startled. I glanced at Chase who quickly looked away then, tears started trickling down my cheeks.

“I’ll be leaving now it’s getting late already,” Eva announced, then left after bidding us goodbye.


“Trisha! Trisha!” I heard someone tapping me, then I jerked awake. “Let’s go,” Chase said.

“What about Davis?”

“He already left.”

I nodded and followed Chase out of the hospital, then we entered his car and drove to Davis’ house.

“Will you be okay with him?” Chase asked when we arrived at Davis’ house.

“Yes.” I nodded and gazed out through the window. It was already late in the night and the street lamps brightened the night.

“I’m sorry for being careless,” I apologised.

“I think you owe Davis that apology,” Chase replied and I was dumbfounded. “I knew you wouldn’t do it,” he added.

“I’ll try,” I put in, then there was an awkward silence.

“What caused the hole in Davis’ heart?” I asked into the silence.

“He developed the hole after his mum left when he was three, the doctor said he was too attached to her and her absence led to the hole,” Chase explained.

“His mum? Does she come around?”

“She never showed up after she left and Davis never gave anyone a chance in his life again.”

“Not even his father?”I asked and he nodded. “Does it have anything to do with his mean personality?”

“Yes, he’s scared of been left again. That’s why he treats everyone badly so no one can get to his heart again.”

I fought the urge to cry.

“I’ll be going now.”

“Take care of Davis. He might be mean and a bully but he needs love, love is missing in his life and that vacuum his mum left has never been filled. Davis is just scared of being left again and after what his father did, he hasn’t been able to move on,” Chase said and I suddenly remembered my mission. I nodded and made to open the door.

“I hope you’re not a spy?” Chase prompted.


“Don’t make him trust you and break his heart again. Davis has never felt joy, just heartbreaks. If you’re a spy please leave him now.”

“I’m not.” I faked a smile, then alighted from the car.

“Goodnight then.” Chase smiled the drove off.

I held my chest and heaved a deep sigh. I wish I could fill that hole, but I’d be making it bigger. I walked to the gate, and then into the main building.

“You stayed out late,” Grandpa Hilson seethed when I entered the house.

“Sorry Grandpa,” I apologised with a bow.

“Youths of these days tend to be a lump in the throat,” he sighed then got up. “Here,” he proffered me with a bag. “It’s Davis’ drugs, make sure he takes them, the prescriptions are in there,” he instructed. “Don’t forget to give it to him tonight. The cook is already preparing dinner, make sure he also takes the drugs in the box,” Grandpa Hilson instructed and I nodded. “I’ll be leaving.”

“Goodnight Grandpa.”

“And one more thing,” Grandpa Hilson prompted when he was at the door. “He’s scared of drugs.”

“I’ll—” I was about speaking when he walked out. I inhaled deeply, then walked into the kitchen. I greeted the cook and headed for Davis’ room. When I got to the door, I shut my eyes and said a silent prayer, then knocked on the door, but there was no reply. I knocked for a while, then decided to go in. I opened the door and froze when I saw Davis coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist as he dried his hair.

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