Insecurity in Nigeria

Gradually the jungle drums
Spoke amidst the wild pines
Gently we awoke at dawn
With hopes of good catch.

Slowly we went to the shores
Bringing with us nets, lines and sinkers
When we dwelt in our inlands

Gently we paddled our boats into the deep
We made our days with a good catch
And gently we returned home
Thanking ‘Ekene’ for the days work!

When the moon woke
We saw her nakedness
And it drew nigh for our elders to tell us stories
Stories that smothered our minds.

We did our works at ease
Under the guidance of the sun
We grew our crops carefully
Under the watch of our ancestors!

So a day came,
When it was time for our harvest
And when we went to reap
With our chattering and laughters

We passed out of the world
Only to come back to our shocks
Marauders had invaded our land
Bringing with them cows, goats and sheep.

Gently, we thought it was a misunderstanding
And so we gathered the village mouthpiece
To make our plight known to them
These outlaws cooked and sent his flesh to us!

In the land of our ancestors?
A stranger wants to rule over us
“Mbanį»„,” our elders cried
And it was from thus we could no longer sleep.

When it thus was dusk
We infiltrated and drove them to our outskirts
And so we became yoked
With the rhythms of guns, cutlasses and axes!

Sliently we prayed for peace
Sacrificing to our chi
But ‘Ekene’ was too busy
To look down on us!

And so we wore with us charms and amulets
Cartridges and machine gun
To protect our children
Till peradventure Ekene looks at us again.

Fulani herdsmen saga!
May God help us all.

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