State of the Nation

On the map of the world, where do you see us?
Do you even see us?

We are a small big people…
An elephant that never pulls down trees.
We are the meek lions.
We are the giants that flee at the sight of exaggerated dwarves.

We’re a proud land…
Where lion kings never protect their terrain
but eat their cubs at the purge of seasons.

I’ll tell you another thing we are;
We are skunks…unforgivably releasing the malodours of corruption with reckless abandon.

We’re griffins, storing gold and conscience in our stores of pillage and ransacking.

We’re the nation which lacks the brittle of unity; we wallow under the curse of violence, crisis and terrorism.

We sit under the leaking shades of bad leadership and watch wild men display and vilify the sceptre of power.

We’re the hot flames of aspirations set down to cool; the anvil of hope, corroding.
We’re the fountain of talents slowly materializing into dust and soot.

When the hopes and dreams of the masses become fossil fuel used to heat selfishness;
you’ll find us in the innermost parts of the earth’s crust, ready to start our journey again.

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