Letter to Anne

Dear Anne,
Four-eyed Anne,

How’s your heart?
I hope it’s being loved.
How’s your hand?
I hope it’s being held.
How’s your ear?
I hope it’s being whispered sweet nothings to.

How are your lips?
I hope they’re being kissed.
How are your teeth?
I hope they’re being made to laugh.
How are your tears?
I hope you have a shoulder to pour them on.

I know you dear Anne,
I know what you want.
You want a fairy tale love,
one with a knight and a damsel in distress.
But you know you can’t get it.
You’re smart enough to know it doesn’t exist.
But look how hopeful you still are,
I love that about you.

I love that you see the world for what it is,
and yet you still dream.
I love that you bear your scars on your lips,
and yet you still look good.

Nobody ever finds the one,
but I hope you do.
For if there’s one person that deserves to,
my dear, it’s you.

Love, Kenny…

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