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Keeping Up With Trisha (Episode Thirteen)

Continued from the last part…

Davis’ POV

It was early the next morning and still dark when I woke up to someone shaking me roughly. I groaned and mumbled to myself, half asleep.

“Davis!” I jerked fully awake at the sound of that familiar voice. Trisha. “The storm is over,” she said.

“We’ll have to wait till the day breaks.”

“No, I need to prepare for my contest and I also need to rest my cramped muscles.”

“I can’t drive now, I’m still sleepy,” I whined.

“Let me drive.”

“No way.”

“Then drive,” she prodded.

“Fine,” I finally agreed, then I started the engine as it roared into life and the car began to ease itself forward. I glanced at Trisha and she was just staring at me and I saw the light of a street lamp reflecting in the dark pools of her eyes.

“Why are you staring?” I asked and she looked away in embarrassment and I chuckled. “I already know I’m damn handsome,” I boasted proudly.

“Whoever told you that?” she hissed tilting her head.

“You just did, in the way you were staring.”

“Don’t be such a jerk. I was just wondering why you got such large nose,” she spat out and I unconsciously touched my nose then stretched to see my face in the rear-view mirror. “Hey! Watch where you’re going,” she hurled and slapped my arm.

“Aish! I knew that staying with you would be a suicide mission.” We finally arrived home and she jumped out of the car before the car came to a stop. “Hey!” I yelled.

“You can drive to hell,” she hurled and walked inside. I parked my car and walked inside while using my phone. I sniffed the smell of fried ginger and it choked the hell out of me. I coughed and ran to my room, then I dashed to the toilet and started throwing up in the basin.

Trisha’s POV

I laughed uncontrollable as his turned red and hot tears rolled down his cheeks. I found out from Chase that he was allergic to the smell of fried ginger, though he was hiding something from me. I watched him run upstairs, then I put off the cooker and headed for my room. I could here him cough really hard as I brushed my teeth and I got really scared.

After brushing, I headed to his room, the door was open so I walked in and followed the sound of his coughing that led me to the bathroom.

I was shocked and scared when I saw him coughing out blood.

“Are you okay?” I asked then mentally slapped myself at my question. How could I ask that when I was seeing that he wasn’t okay?

“The…drawer…” He continued coughing out blood.

“What happened to the drawer?” I asked nervously, but he just kept on coughing. I ran to the drawer in his room and saw a small box, then I took it out and opened it. There were a whole load of drugs.

I took the box to him and he took a tablet from a small container, then I handed him the bottle water that was in the box. He swallowed the tablet and the cough instantly stopped.

“I’m sorry,” I apologised, but he just walked into the shower and drew the curtain close. I felt guilty.

What if I had killed him?

I walked dejectedly to his bedroom and kept the box in the drawer. I was still surprised at the quantity of drugs he took. It couldn’t be for just allergies. Something was wrong with his health.

I returned to my room and started preparing for school. The earlier event still filled my mind and the feeling of guilt was too strong. I heard Davis’ room door open and close immediately, then he walked out of the front door as I watched him through my window, entered his car and drove off. This was the first time I was seeing him dejected and sad. He was always jovial and troublesome, always laughing and cracking jokes. I soon started missing the other him, than the cold fish. I finished preparing for school and left without having breakfast.

I arrived at the school just in time for the audition. I hadn’t prepared for it.

“Hey, Trisha,” Eva waved then ran up to me.

“Good morning Eva.”

“Morning, how was your night?”

“It was okay.”

“Why is the school so quiet?” I asked, observing the calmness of the school. Everyone walked downcasted and there were no gossip groups.

“Davis came to school looking pale and it’s the first time he’s that way. So everyone is worried,” Eva explained. My heart skipped hundreds of beats and I got scared again. “Trisha?”


“I’ve been talking but you seemed lost.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Are you prepared for today’s audition?”

“Am I?” I wondered.

“C’mon you don’t sound like you, or is the Davis thing also bothering you?”

“No, I mean yes. What am I saying? No.”

“Sure?” Eva arched her brows not convinced.

“I’m okay,” I lied to myself.

The emergency bell rang and everyone gathered at the school hall. There were murmurings everywhere as everyone wondered why the bell was rang.

“Quiet everyone” McDonald spoke into the mic, under the principal’s mask and everywhere went silent. “I know you’re all wondering why the bell was rang but here’s the reason. Davis is sick and was rushed to the hospital and in his honor the school board has decided that they’ll be no school today.”

What have I done?

Read Part Fourteen.

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