Love and RomanceSeries

Entrusted (Episode Seventeen)

Continued from the last part…

After Dave left Adams Cement Industries, he drove to Julie’s office. As he drove to the company, he kept thinking about how he was gonna start working as an architect. Though he studied architecture in the university, he was not really interested in the line. He got to the company and crossed two checkpoints before getting to the company’s main gate. One of the security guards standing at the gates rapped on his car’s window. He wound down the window and greeted the guard.

“Your pass, please?” the guard requested.

“Huh? No pass.” Dave scratched the back of his left ear.

“Then you can’t go in,” the guard shook his head as he spoke.

“Please, I’m here to see someone,” Dave pleaded, looking at the security guard earnestly.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t go in without a pass,” the guard remained adamant.

“What’s going on?” the head of the security guards asked as he walked out of his office, towards the guard.

“He doesn’t have a pass, sir,” the guard replied his boss.

“Is that true mister?” the head of guards asked, turning to Dave.

“Yes sir,” Dave nodded his head.

“Huh, what are you going in for?” the head of security asked.

“I’m going in to see someone,” Dave replied.

“Who are you going in to see?”

“Julie Adams.” Dave twitched his lips.

Something flashed across the head of security’s eyes and he looked at Dave intensely. “Your name?” he asked.

“Dave Charlie,” Dave replied.

Immediatly Dave said his name, the man yelled, “Open the gates!”

“Huh?” the security guard looked at his boss in bewilderment. Immediately, two other security guards opened the huge gates for Dave. “But surely, he didn’t have a pass,” the security guard complained.

“You’re crazy!” his boss cursed under his breath. “You want me to lose my job right? Were you not there when madam told me to open the gates for any guy that calls himself Dave Charlie?” he sneered.

“Oh! Ah…” The security guard scratched his head.

“Idiot!” his boss hissed and went back to his post.


Dave found himself a convenient spot and parked his car. He got out of it and locked it before walking to the main building of the company. The security light flashed as the door slid open and he entered the reception area through it.

“Good morning.” He smiled at the receptionists.

“Morning, how may we help you, sir?” the receptionists chorused, with their heads bowed, and their eyes concentrated on the the books they were filling.

“Uhmm, I’m here to see someone,” Dave replied them.

“See who sir?” the first receptionist, Helen asked, with her eyes still on the books.

“Julie,” Dave replied.

“Julie what, sir?” the second receptionist, Rosie inquired.

“Julie Adams,” Dave replied again.

The receptionists paused what they were doing and raised their heads up at the same time. They gasped at the sight of the charming, handsome young man that was standing before them. They looked at him for a while, really wowed.

“Huh…ermm…your name sir?” Rosie stuttered after she found her voice.

“Dave Charlie,” Dave sighed faintly.

Oh…o-oo-ook,” Helen stammered.

“Ermm, you can take that left elevator to the top floor sir,” Rosie took turn and spoke, pointing at Julie’s personal elevator.

“Oh, ok.Thank you.” Dave smiled, showing his hidden dimples.

“Woah. Just look at him.” Helen stretched her neck as she watched Dave enter the elevator.

“With that killer smile.” Rosie rested her elbows on the desk.

“I wonder what relationship he has with the boss,” Helen sighed.

“Yeah, he’s the first person to use her private elevator,” Rosie pouted.

“Who cares? I just wish I can have him to myself.” Rosie bit her lip sensually.

“You’re dreaming. You and him? Kolewerk!” Helen slammed her hand on the desk.

“Whatever!” Rosie scowled.


The elevator dinged as it reached it’s destination. It the slid open and Dave stepped out of it. He walked a bit and came across a lady, who was typing away on a laptop.

“Good morning,” Dave greeted the lady.

“Morning.” Alice looked up from the laptop she was working on and astonishedly stared dreamily at the handsome young man standing in front of her desk. “You must be Sir Dave,” Alice cleared her throat as she came back to her sense after awhile.

“I’m Dave, not Sir Dave,” Dave grinned, revealing his cute dimples again.

“Ah.” Alice stared at him dreamily. “OK, I’ll place a call to my boss,” Alice breathed shakily as she picked up the receiver and placed it on her ear. “Ma’am, Mr. Dave is here,” she spoke into the receiver.

Alice waited for a reply but she didn’t get any. She removed the receiver from her ear and looked at it intently. She was about to place it back to her ear when the door to her boss’s office swung open. She watched her boss skip happily towards the handsome guy standing before her, squealing like a five year old kid. She watched her boss hug the guy and drag him into her office before shutting the door.

Alice sat there on her chair, with her mouth wide open and the receiver in her hand, looking at her boss’s office door in amazement. She was shocked. Even though her boss usually laughed from time to time in the office, she’d never seen the kind of smile that was plastered on her face when she came out of her office to receive the guy that was standing before her desk. In fact, her boss had never stepped out of her office to receive anyone since she’s known her.

“Wow,” Alice muttered as she replaced the receiver and rested her chin on her left hand, reminiscing about the scenario that happened a while ago.


Immediately they entered the office, Julie dragged Dave towards her desk and made him sit on her chair. Dave chuckled as she sat on his right lap, her knees between his legs. Julie hugged his neck tightly and placed her chin on his head.

“You missed me this much?” Dave grinned.

“Yes!” Julie pouted as her eyes brimmed with tears.

Dave moved his head backwards and looked at her face. He guessed right, tears were already flowing down her face.

Argh. You know I don’t like it when you do that,” he sighed as took a roll of tissue from the box of tissue on her desk and dabbed her face with it. “I missed you even more,” Dave pouted too and Julie smiled.

He tilted his head to the side a bit as Julie’s face lowered. Julie savoured in his peppermint breath as their lips drew nearer to each other. It was one of the things that gave her pleasure. Dave also breathed in her vanilla-flavoured lip gloss as he tasted her lips. They kissed each other deeply, completely oblivious to their surroundings.

Dave’s hands gently reached under Julie’s skirt, caressing her lap. Julie let out a moan as Dave’s hand reached further into her skirt to her thigh. Their breathing increased rapidly as the kiss got more intense.

Grrrrrr! Grrrrrr!” Julie’s telephone brought them out of their fantasy.

Julie ignored the telephone as she kissed Dave further, sweetly sucking his lip. Dave smiled and gently broke away from the kiss.

“You need to answer the telephone,” he whispered to Julie.

“I don’t want to,” Julie pouted.

“But you have to, please Sunshine,” Dave sighed.

“OK,” Julie huffed and picked up the receiver.
“What?” Julie licked her lips as she placed the receiver on her ear.


“Cancel it. And don’t disturb me again for the rest of the day,” she scowled and replaced the receiver.

“What was that about?” Dave asked.

“Nothing important,” Julie shrugged her shoulders.

“You cancelled a meeting, right?” Dave asked.

“Yes. I was going to cancel it anyway,” Julie waved her hands in the air as she talked.

“OK. So tell me about what happened yesterday that made your day stressful,” Dave inquired, his left hand still in Julie’s skirt.

“Ah. Best, do you know that people are so annoying?” Julie looked at Dave with seriousness written on her face.

“Really?” Dave looked back at her, feigning ignorance.

“Yeah,” Julie replied, nodding her head.

“Wow, what happened?” Dave enquired keenly.

“Yesterday, when I got to the…” Julie took her time and explained everything that had happened the previous day, leaving no bit of detail out.

“Wow! Good for that sneaky manager.” Dave gave Julie a thumbs up after she was done explaining. “But why did you make the guy that lied the manager and not the one that told the truth?” Dave asked, gently stroking Julie’s hair.

“Well, I have been studying the both of them for a while now. Mr. David is a more trustworthy person than Mr. Alex. Mr. Alex would have lied too if he was the one I asked first,” Julie explained.

“Good.” Dave nodded his head, gently patting her head.

“Well, I got the technique from you.” Julie grinned.

“Really?” Dave chuckled.

Si. How was it with dad?” Julie asked, slowly twisting a tip of Dave’s hair.

“Gosh, I almost died of nervousness,” Dave huffed.

Awww, silly you,” Julie chuckled.

“Anyways, I’ll be starting work tomorrow.” Dave smiled.

“Hmm, so did you talk to him about working part-time?” Julie asked.

“He said we’ll discuss about it tomorrow,” Dave shrugged his shoulders.

“Okay, you’re okay with the job right?” Julie asked with concern.

“No, I’m not. But for you, I am.” Dave smiled.

“Hmmm,” Julie chuckled.

“You know I love you,” Dave whispered as he bit his lower lip and winked.

“And you know I love you more,” Julie whispered, immitating him as she grinned.
Julie tilted her head a bit and they resumed kissing. Dave caressed Julie’s thigh with his left hand that was still in her skirt. Julie trailed her lips down to the crook of his throat, gently flapping her tongue as she licked his neck. She blindly undid the first three buttons of his shirt; then she slowly trailed her tongue down to his chest and gently sucked on Dave’s nipple, caressing the other nipple with her right hand. Dave groaned wildly.

Julie smirked and stood up from Dave’s lap, she bent between his knees and completely unbuttoned his shirt. She kissed his abdomen, trailing her tongue around.

Oh Gawd!” Dave groaned as he gripped the arms of chair.

Julie looked up at him and smiled. She gently unzipped his trouser and Dave opened his already tightly shut eyes.

“Sunshine!” Dave called.

“Yes?” Julie looked up at him.

“You wanna give me a blow job in your office?” Dave asked, astonished.

“Yeah.” Julie nodded her head vigorously.

“Huh!” Dave chuckled and gently pulled her up unto his laps. “As much as I want that, we can’t do that in your office.” Dave stroked her hair lightly.

“Why?” Julie scowled.

“Because this is your office. It’s my first time here too.” Dave smiled.

“But it doesn’t mean.” Julie looked at him with a puppy face.

“Yes, it does,” Dave chuckled and pulled at her cheek.

“Hmmm, are you sure you didn’t have sex with anyone?” Julie pouted.

Dave burst into laughter. After a while, he looked at Julie and carried her. He roughly pushed the files on the desk to a side and gently placed Julie on the desk. Their lips collided and they kissed each other intensely, kissing with everything in them. Dave caressed Julie’s hands and placed them above her head as he entwined their fingers. They both moved their heads and body rhythmically as they kissed, each of them breathing in the other’s mouth. Dave trailed his lips down to Julie’s neck as he kissed and sucked on it. Julie moaned as their breathing increased. Dave then trailed his mouth up to Julie’s ear.

“Let’s leave the rest till we get home, you’re coming home with me,” Dave whispered huskily, his shaky breath feathering Julie’s ear.

Julie nodded her head, pleasure making her dumb. They were both sweaty even though the AC in the room was on.

Julie sat upright on the desk and hugged Dave, burying her head in the crook of his neck. Dave smiled and smooched her head.

“I love you. I always will,” Dave whispered and hugged Julie tight.


“So, have you eaten? Julie asked as she disengaged from the hug.

“No. I’m really famished right now,” Dave pouted.

“Come on! And you didn’t tell me,” Julie scowled.

“Sorry baby, I was carried away because I missed you so much,” Dave said, still pouting.

Awww.” Julie smiled and kissed his cheek.
She got down from her desk and walked round it to sit in one of the visitors’ chairs. “So what do you like to eat?” Julie asked as she sat down.

“You!” Dave smiled at her sensually and winked.

“Hmmm.” Julie giggled. “Best stop!” she chuckled as she blushed. “I mean what do you like to eat, as in food, like yam, rice, bread, and the like.” Julie smiled.

“Hmmm…” Dave placed his hand on his chin as he thought about what to eat.” Sunshine, I don’t know.” He gave up and sank unto Julie’s swivel chair. “Anything,” he shrugged.

“Should we go home then?” Julie asked.

“Aren’t you busy?” Dave asked as he looked at the files on Julie’s desk.

“I can sign those tomorrow morning.” Julie rapped her fingers on the arms of the chair.

“And the meeting you cancelled, tomorrow too, right?” Dave asked.

“Yeah,” Julie affirmed.

“Hmmm, OK. Let’s go home then,” Dave shrugged and stood up. He took his tie from Julie’s desk and knotted it, he also buttoned up his shirt. Julie stood up and arranged the files on her desk, picked up her phone, and carried her bag.

Julie turned around and looked at Dave who was already standing by the door for a while before chuckling. She shook her head and walked towards him. Dave looked at Julie bewilderedly as she approached him. Julie got closer to him and kissed his lips as she roamed her hand around his manhood before gently zipping his trouser up. She stepped back a bit and nodded her head.

“We’re good to go,” she flashed a smile.

Dave shook his head as she opened the door for her to step out of the office. As soon as he also stepped out, he gently closed the door behind them. He followed closely behind Julie as she walked towards her secretary’s desk.

“I’m calling it a day for now,” Julie said, facing her secretary as she stood before her desk.

“OK ma’am.” Alice stood up and bowed slightly.

“Don’t forget to place a call through to the factory to remind them of the bags of cement we requested for,” Julie stated.

“OK ma’am.”

“Good. Take care of the things that need to be taken care of, including yourself.” Julie twitched her lips before walking towards the elevator with Dave by her side.

Dave waved his hand at Alice who slightly bowed at him, still smiling at what her boss said. They got into the elevator and Dave pressed the ground floor’s button.

“Don’t you think what you told her to do is too much?” Dave asked as the elevator rode to the ground floor.

“No darling. It isn’t.” Julie shook her head. “And besides, there’s the manager and his assistant to help her if it is.” Julie shrugged her hands.

“OK.” Dave nodded his head.

The elevator dinged as it got to the ground floor before it’s door slid open. Almost immediately the door opened, Dave and Julie walked out out of the elevator, towards the exit of the building.

Dave looked at the elevator on his left, the right elevator and saw a lot of people, waiting to get in the elevator.

“The elevator we just got out of is your personal elevator, right?” Dave asked.

“Yeah,” Julie nodded her head.

“Thought as much.” Dave shook his head as they walked to the reception.

The receptionists bowed their heads as the duo approached them. Julie walked past them, ignoring them like they were not there while Dave waved at them, earning a scowl from Julie.

“Best! Why did you do that?” Julie asked, the scowl on her face clearly visible.

“Because they helped me when I came in this morning.” Dave shrugged.

Argh!” Julie stomped her feet and hastily walked away towards the door.

“I’m sorry Sunshine!” Dave yelled and ran after her. “Are you seriously jealous of your workers right now?” Dave chuckled as he caught up with her.

“Yes!” Julie frowned her face as she walked.

“I’m sorry, OK?” Dave chuckled. Receiving no response from her, Dave walked faster and stood in front of her, holding her around her arms. “I’m truly sorry Sunshine. I’ll never wave at any girl again,” Dave pleaded.

Julie feigning annoyance, looked away. Dave looked at her for awhile and smiled. He bent a bit and carried her on his shoulder. Everyone around the ground floor gasped as they watched him carry her out of the building.

“Geez! Best! Drop me!” Julie shrieked as she wriggled her legs and hit Dave’s back with her bag.

“No, not until you forgive me,” Dave shook his head adamantly as he carried Julie out of the building.

“I’ve forgiven you! Drop me!” Julie giggled as she blushed.

“No!” Dave smiled.

Everyone around watched them in utmost shock. They’ve never ever seen their boss as playful as that, it was like the person that was being carried was another woman entirely.

Julie giggled as Dave carried her towards his car, both of them ignoring the onlookers. Dave brought out his key from his pocket and unlocked his car. He opened the passenger side with the hand he was holding the key with, and gently placed Julie on the the seat. He grinned and ruffled her hair before closing the door. He then turned around the car to enter the driver side.

“Ah, I almost forgot.” Dave turned to look at Julie as he sat in the car.

“What’s that?” Julie furrowed her brows.

“Your car, what about it?” Dave asked.

“Ugh. Not to worry. It’s safe here.” Julie smiled.

“OK.” Dave nodded his head and shut his side door.

He turned to Julie again and leaned over to her side to help her with her seatbelt. He did his belt too and started the car before driving out of the company.

“The security’s tight,” Dave told Julie as they passed the last check point.

“Yeah. For security purposes of course,” Julie sighed as she tested her back on the seat.

“Yeah, it’s good.” Dave nodded his head.

“Ah, I almost forgot.” Julie face-palmed herself.

“What?” Dave asked, his eyes fixed on the road.

“I need to call Hannah to tell her I’ll not be returning home today,” Julie said as she reached for her bag on the backseat.

“Oh.” Dave smiled.

Julie took her phone from her bag dialed Hannah’s number.

“Baby,” Julie grinned as she spoke into her phone.


“So was it easy for you to get home from Dad’s office?” Julie asked.




“OK. I called to tell you I’ll be sleeping over at Best’s.” Julie gritted her teeth.


“Hehehe…we’re already on our way,” Julie chuckled.


“Yeah, he came over.” Julie smiled.


“It’s not like that bae.” Julie grinned.

“I’ll come home tomorrow darling,” Julie grinned again.


“Ok darling, bye. Kisses.” Julie smooched her phone and hanged up the call.

“She went to your dad’s office?” Dave asked almost immediately Julie hanged up.

“Yeah. She needed a job and I told Dad about it. He said to come see him this morning,” Julie explained as she dropped her phone in her bag. “You guys would have probably met unknowingly.” Julie clicked her tongue.

“Really? But I didnt see anyone when I got to your dad’s office.” Dave stole a quick glance at Julie. “Oh, oh, oh! Maybe she was the one that bumped into me this morning, on my to the elevator,” Dave stated.

“Maybe.” Julie shrugged her hands as she rested her back on the sit.

There was no traffic, so after a while of driving, they got to Dave’s apartment. As soon as Dave drove into the house, they both stepped out of the car and Dave locked the gate, while Julie took her bag from the backseat.

“Wow! It’s been long I last came here.” Julie smiled as she looked around Dave’s apartment.

“Yeah, the apartment misses you, you know.” Dave chuckled as he opened the door.

“Hmm, I know,” Julie giggled.Julie stepped into the house and switched on the light before Dave locked the door. “Hmmm, I forgot to tell you something though. Well I hope it’s not too late to say it.” Julie grinned as she watched Dave lock the door.

“Tell me what?” Dave turned to face her after he was done locking the door.

“Tell you that you look sexy in that shirt.” Julie turned and swung her hips as she walked towards the living room.

“Really?” Dave chuckled and switched off the light.

“Best! Switch the light back on. I can’t see!” Julie yelled and stopped in her tracks. “Best?” Julie turned after a while of getting no response. “Best! It’s dark, please switch on the light,” Julie pleaded.

After getting no response from Dave, she unzipped her bag and blindly searched for her phone. Julie was still searching for her phone when she felt someone grab her forearms from behind.

“Best is that you?” Julie asked as her bag fell from her hand to the tiles. Dave didn’t reply. He gently caressed julie’s hands and smooched her back through her thin chiffon shirt. After a short while, Julie turned to face him and blindly touched his face. “Best when did you get here?” she chuckled.

“A while ago,” Dave whispered.

“You’re not serious. You scared the hell outta me, you know.” Julie chuckled again and playfully hit his chest with her hands.

“Sunshine,” Dave whispered.

“What?” Julie asked as she stopped hitting him.

“I love you,” Dave whispered.

Julie giggled and wrapped her hands around his neck, while Dave entwined his fingers around Julie’s waist.

“Best,” Julie whispered.

“Hmmm?” Dave smiled.

“Switch on the light, it’s dark in here,” Julie whispered.

“Argh!” Dave groaned as he released Julie from his grip and dragged his feet towards the switch.

Julie giggled and carried her bag on the floor immediately Dave switched on the light.

“That’s unfair!” Dave scowled as they ascended the stairs. After they got to the room, Dave removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. He took off his trouser and and removed his shoes before wearing a thin top and shorts.

Julie dropped her bag and took off her clothes and shoes. She then walked towards the closet and opened Dave’s part of the closet.

“Excuse me ma’am.” Dave hastily walked to her and stood by her side. “I guess you’ve forgotten where your clothes are.” Dave crossed his hands on his chest. “Your clothes are here.” He rapped on Julie’s part of the closet.

“I know, I just wanna wear something of yours.” Julie twitched her lips.

“Hell no! Capital NO!” Dave shook his head and closed his part of the closet.

“Best, please!” Julie pleaded.

“Nah!” Dave stuck his tongue out of her mouth and teased Julie with it.

Awww, pretty please with sugar on top,” Julie pouted.

“No. No.” Dave bent a bit and shook his index finger in Julie’s face.

“Fine then. I won’t cook jollof rice for you!” Julie stomped her foot on the floor and scowled.

“Ehn?” Dace looked at her alarmed.

“You heard me. No jollf rice for you,” Julie stated and made to walk out on Dave.

“Ah, baby, come, come, come…” Dave smiled and hugged Julie. “I was only joking.” He gritted his teeth playfully.

“So will you let me wear your clothes or not?” Julie smirked.

Dave bit his lip as he weighed the two choices.

“You’re taking too much time.” Julie twitched her lips.

“Sunshine, you know, I’ve always been thinking…and now, I’ve decided.” Dave grinned like a five year old kid.

“What?” Julie sneered.

“I’m giving you my clothes. Everything. You can take ’em all if you want.” Dave clasped his hands together excitedly.

“Good!” Julie twitched her lips. Julie freed herself from Dave’s embrace and walked over to his side of the closet. “I’m taking this one.” Julie raised a sweatpant. “And this one.” She raised a short. “And this one too.” She raised a Nike sweater. “And this too.” She raised an armless thin top. “And these ones.” She picked up five different clothes at the same time and turned to face Dave. “Can I take them?” Julie asked, smiling really sweetly.

“Ah, of course. You can have them.” Dave forced out between gritted teeth with a fake smile.

“Good.” Julie turned back and packed the clothes into her part of the closet. She wore an oversized shirt and sweatpant before walking out on Dave.

“You’ll cook jollof rice for me right?” Dave yelled after her.

“I’ll think about it!” Julie yelled back from the stairs and chuckled silently.

“Humph!” Dave pouted and fell onto the bed.

Julie descended the stairs and headed to the kitchen. She rinsed her hands in the sink and started preparing food. After an hour of cutting, rinsing, chopping, slicing, cooking, frying and the like, she was done cooking.

“Best, please come and help me with these dishes!” she yelled as she dished the food, waiting for an answer from Dave. “BEST!” she yelled again after she got no response from Dave.

I thought I heard him climb down the stairs, she thought after she got no response from Dave the second time. She dished up the food and carried one of the dishes to the dining room. As Dave noticed Julie coming out of the kitchen, he hastily fell flat on the sofa he was sitting on and pretended to be asleep.

Julie placed the dish on the dining table and turned to head back to the kitchen when she noticed a sprawled figure on the sofa in the living room. She slowly walked towards the living room and stood across the sofa. She looked at the TV that was on and looked at Dave that lying on the sofa, with the remote tightly clutched in his hand. Julie opened her mouth and shook her head frustratingly.

“Huh!” she scoffed and rolled her eyes. “I called you and you pretended not to have heard me right?” Julie clapped her hands in exasperation. “Best, I know you’re not asleep” She shook her head in astonishment.
“Best!” Julie yelled again, “I know you can hear me.” Julie tilted her head to the side and stood with her hands akimbo, stomping her left foot on the tiles periodically.

Dave didn’t flinch a bit, he continued with his pretense like he was truly asleep.

“Best!” Julie yelled, continuously tapping her foot on the tiles. “It’s OK. If you don’t get your ass up right this minute, I’ll throw your jollof rice right into the waste bin,” Julie stated angrily. “You double dare me!” She quickly added.

Immediately Dave heard her, his eyes flew open. “Argh!” He stretched, feigning sleepiness. He turned on his side and faced Julie. “Sunshine you’re here.” He faked a yawn. “I heard you say something about jollof rice from my sleep.” He scratched his neck, looking sleepily at Julie.

“Huh!” Julie scoffed. “You heard me say something about jollof rice from your sleep, so you woke up right?” Julie sneered.

“That’s right baby.” Dave nodded his head slow motionedly.

“OK. You didn’t hear me say something about breaking your head with a pestle if you don’t get your ass up and head to the kitchen right now?” Julie twitched her lips as she pointed to the way that led to the kitchen.

“Uhmm, well, I didn’t hear that but…” Dave’s voice trailed off as he quickly stood up and headed to the kitchen.

Julie smirked and follewed right behind him to the kitchen. “In fact, bring everything to the dining room yourself!” Julie stomped her foot and walked out of the kitchen.

Dave was not really bothered, as far as it was jollof rice she cooked, he was going to judiciously bring the dishes to the dining table. Julie walked to the dining room and sat on a dining chair, she placed her legs on the table and crossed them. She folded her hands across her chest and watched Dave walk in and out of the kitchen.

Firstly, he brought out a dish of jollof rice, then a bowl of stewed meats, and then a bowl of carrots. After he placed the bowl of carrots on the dining table, he made to sit next to Julie.

“And what do you think you’re about to do?” Julie asked, furrowing her brows.

“Ma?” Dave raised his brows as he startled.

“What about water, or is it your spittle that we’re going to drink?” Julie snickered.

Dave bit his lower lip and walked to the kitchen. After a short while, he came out of the kitchen with two glass cups and gently placed them on the table before walking to the fridge. He opened the fridge and brought out two bottles of water, he closed the fridge and dropped the bottled waters on the dining table.

Dave took his seat beside Julie once again and rubbed his palms against each other gleefully. He took the spoon in his dish and was about to start eating when Julie smacked the back of his hand.

“Ouch!” Dave shrieked and unconsciously dropped the spoon back in the dish. “What did you do that for?” He turned to Julie and pouted.

“Bless the food!” Julie twitched her lips and dropped her feet on the tiles.

Ohohohohou!” Dave groaned.

“Be fast about it!” Julie smirked.

“Father, we thank you for blessing us with this food, accept our thanks in Jesus’s name. For in Jesus name we pray.” Dave clasped his hands together and closed his eyes as he said a very short prayer.

“Amen.” Julie opened her eyes and looked at him. “Seriously?” Julie nodded her head vigorously.

“Yeah. I’ve blessed the food.” Dave shrugged his hands and turned back to the dish in front of him and smiled at it before digging in.

After a while, they both finished eating and Julie cleared the dishes to the kitchen to wash while Dave walked back to the living room to watch a football match.

As soon as Julie was done doing the dishes, she joined Dave in the living room and sprawled on the sofa, her head on Dave’s laps. After a while, she slept off.

“GOAL!” Dave screamed as his football club scored a goal.

Julie shrieked and stirred up awake instantly. She opened her eyes and looked at Dave before looking at the TV, then she saw that it was the match he was watching that made him scream. Julie hissed and stood up on her feet before going up to the bedroom.

“Sorry babe!” Dave grinned and yelled as she ascended the stairs.

Julie didn’t turn back, she just raised her middle finger as she climbed the stairs. Dave chuckled and diverted his eyes back to the TV. Julie got to the room and sat at the edge of the bed, she took her phone from her bag and checked her WhatsApp messages. After replying some of her chats, she dropped her phone back in her bag. She moved up to the bed and fell asleep.

Time flew and soon, it was 9:00pm. After the match ended, Dave switched off the TV set and stretched his body as he walked to the fridge. He took a bottle of water from it and drank half of the water before returning the bottle in the fridge. He closed the fridge and headed for the stairs.

As soon as he got to the room, he switched off the light and switched on the bedside lamp that dimly lit you the room. He climbed the bed and laid beside Julie. As Julie sensed him beside her, she snuggled into him, wriggling her hips around ‘Beasty Best’ as she did.

“Hmph, you’re awake.” Dave smiled and wrapped him arm around her waist.

“Yeah.” Julie replied as she turned to face him.

“Muah,” Julie smooched his lips.

Dave smiled turned them over, Julie below him, and he on top of her. Dave smooched her body all over, the sensation burning through Julie’s veins. Dave’s hands travelled down to hips as he licked and nibbled on her neck. He pulled off her shirt and his top too, he then gently caressed Julie’s breasts with his hands. He slowly fondled her nipples and Julie clung onto him as his mouth found her’s again. He dipped his tongue in and out of her mouth, exploring and sucking her lips. Julie moaned and caressed Dave as her hand travelled down to the bulge in his short, she gently stroked him through his short. Dave groaned and his breath hissed. Dave’s mouth trailed to Julie’s ear and he smooched it.

“So,you’re gonna give me that BJ now, right?” Dave whispered huskily, teasing Julie as his breath feathered her ear.

Julie got hold of Dave’s arms and she spun them over. She smirked and looped her thumbs into Dave’s short and pulled it down. Dave’s erection sprang free. Julie threw Dave’s short away from them and found his erection again, she clasped her hands around him and took him in her mouth. Dave groaned as Julie’s mouth did pleasurable things to him. He couldn’t take it again and before Julie could realize what was happening, he rolled them over again. Pulling off Julie’s sweatpant and panties, he placed his head between her thighs and licked his way up to her ‘spot’.the He planted his tongue on her ‘spot’ and gently stroked her. Julie moaned with ecstasy as she came, and Dave licked all of her sweetness up. Dave then kissed his way up, capturing her mouth in his again. Without another word, he slid into her and paused for a few seconds for her walls to take all of him. Julie gasped as he planted kisses all over her mouth and neck. Dave grapped her thighs and picked up his pace, thrusting deep into her as her hips moved rhythmically to his every push and pull. He nibbled and whispered sweet words in her ear and after a while, Julie couldn’t hold on much longer as she also felt that Dave was close too.

“Cum for me sunshine,” Dave whispered in her ear.

And with that, Julie’s body convulsed in multiple spasms. Dave cursed under his breath and released all of him in her and electric waves of pleasure shook through both of them.

Dave rolled over to his side and they both gasped for air. After a while, they both recovered themselves, Dave snuggled Julie closer to him and smooched her head. They wrapped their hand around each other and stared into space, each of them thinking of the other.

They both loved each other very deeply and were both afraid to lose each other. Very soon, they fell fast asleep.

Read Part Eighteen.

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