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The Hidden Truth (Part 16)

Continued from the last part…

Dave’s POV

Now I and Ava’s mom sat together beside Ava. Yeah I knew her from somewhere, but I can’t remember. It seems like she knows me very well. Maybe she might tell me about my mother. I looked at Ava, she was beautiful, more beautiful than I ever imagined. So sweet that everyone already loved her, but what happened to Amelia? She wasn’t like this before. I’ve known Ava since childhood and we grew up together. But since she was taken to America, I don’t know her anymore. she’s new to me.

“Dave, you don’t remember your childhood days, do you?” Mrs. Clara asked.

“I don’t, all I know is that I was told I was involved in a fire outbreak and everything became blur to me. I can’t remember anything.

Mrs. Clara’s POV

I was still pregnant with Ava and her sister, and he was about two years old then, when I saved him. There was an arm robbery attack at the bank. Dave and her mom were there and so was I.


“Dave, Dave, where are you?” a woman shouted, looking around as we were outside. Everyone were already out, the arm robbers were inside battling with the police and it was dangerous to leave anyone inside the bank now.

But where could Dave be? I asked myself as I saw this woman crying endlessly. People around pitied her, but none could do anything. I touched her shoulder and she looked at me. “Where is Dave?” I asked her.

“He’s inside. He went inside to ease himself before we heard gun earlier.”

“Gosh! You left your son inside and ran for your life, are you insane? Don’t you know it’s very dangerous?” I asked as she cried more.
I rushed inside going through the back door. People were shouting that it was dangerous to go in given my condition, but I didn’t listen. A small boy was in there, and the arm robbers and the police were in too. What if the gun mistakenly gets to him?

I ran inside, I climbed the stairs, looked at every corner but I couldn’t find him. “Where’s Dave?” I muttered and went towards the entrance. I could hear gunshots everywhere, I got scared. I hoped that he wasn’t inside the hall. Then I looked at the other pavement and saw a small boy of about two years. That must be Dave.

Only a wall of glass was between us, but he was going towards the hall. I shouted his name but he could not hear me. I immediately rushed in.

“Dave,” I called and he looked at me. I ran to him immediately. I looked at his face, he had been crying. I was still checking up on him when I noticed a gun placed to my head.

“Get up!” the man shouted. I could not see his face, he had a mask on. I obeyed immediately, but held Dave tightly, the small boy was visibly shaking. An idea popped into my head, and I immediately kicked him in the crotch. As he was writhing in pain, I carried Dave immediately and ran away. I was running down stairs when I slipped and fell off, it was very painful. I immediately went into labour, and shouted for help.

A policeman who heard my cries came immediately and helped me. People were amazed. I was taken to the hospital immediately.

Mrs. Clara’s POV

“You were little then, I remember when you were taken away from me. You know after that day, I gave birth to twins, but the other died, leaving only Ava. You were always fond of Ava, you were always with her even when the fire outbreak occurred.

“Fire outbreak? I was told it happened, but don’t know the details. And my mom?”

“It was your on your birthday, you chose to celebrate it in my house. That was when Ava was six months old.


Writer’s Narration.

Mrs. Clara went to the market leaving Dave’s mom (Mrs. Brown) and Dave with little Ava. Mr. Lucas travelled for a business trip and couldn’t stay for his son’s birthday.

Mrs. Kate’s POV

“Madam, she has even birth, I found out where they were living,” a man said over the phone.

“Nice job, kill her and the baby. Don’t let them live especially the baby. I want a clean job.”

“Yes ma’am,” he answered and cut the call.

Mrs. Clara was yet to be back. She has stayed till late at night which got Mrs. Brown worried. But she was actually kidnapped by some men. It was late and little Ava was hungry, so Dave’s mom went into the kitchen to make milkshake. Dave was playing with Ava as usual in the room.

Outside the house, the thugs sent to kill Ava were already at work. They had three gallons of fuel all emptied around the house.

Then they lit up the matches and threw it down, fire immediately spread round the house.

Back inside, Mrs. Brown was the first to perceive the smell, it was coming from one the windows. She shifted the kitchen curtain, but jumped back immediately she saw fire. She rushed inside the room, carried little Ava and held Dave by the hand. They rushed into the parlour. By now the fire had circulated round the house. She was still looking for how to get out when a big wood fell upon Dave and he fainted. She immediately rushed to Dave crying. She dropped Ava on the cushion, which seemed like a safer place to keep her. She was already crying, and she rushed to Dave and noticed a cut on his head. As she was still examining Dave, another big wood fell on her and she fainted.

Outside the house, people had already called the fire safety and were already putting off the fire. That was when Mrs. Clara arrived. She had been freed from her kidnappers. She rushed inside and carried Ava outside, informing the officers to help her call the ambulance. Dave and her mom were taken outside. Shortly after that, the ambulance arrived, taking Dave and his mom to the hospital.

Mrs. Brown later died the next day and Dave was still in coma. Mr. Lucas was informed immediately, and he arrived the next day. The cops asked some questions about what happened at the neighborhood and none could give answers for what happened. The cops later advised Mrs. Clara to move away from the neighborhood since it was dangerous to be there.

Dave later woke up, but lost his part of his memory; so he had no idea about who his mother was and was never told. He and his father later moved away, not ready to deal with the memories of Mrs. Brown. That was how they lost contact of each other.

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