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Locking Her Heart (Part 20)

Continued from the last part…

Alicia’s POV

I didn’t think twice before pushing Jason far away from me as Rose walked in on us. Jason was groaning in pain, probably from the way I pushed him, and she staring at us in confusion, probably wondering why her son was lying on the floor whilst I wore a distraught expression on my face. Who could blame me? We almost kissed.

I was supposed to do the project then get as far away as I could, but I almost kissed him. i think am really going crazy now, absolutely freaking crazy, and it’s all because of his ocean blue eyes that just gets me hypnotized every single time I gaze at them.

“Umm…Rose you’re back early…well not early. I mean you’re back late…but not really late, I guess. It’s probably just your usual time of coming back. So…umm we’re were just working on a project together. I have no idea what he’s doing on the floor, but we should be done by now. I mean if you need me for something I could just go with you, not that I’m running away from the room, not really. You might just need me to prepare dinner. Yeah that’s right, it’s late and we need to prepare dinner. So let’s go,” I said, rushing the words out, not stopping for a second.

I heard chuckling behind me and turned to see Jason’s biting on his lower lip, and had an amused expression on his face, then smirking as usual.

What I would do right now to wipe that silly smirk off his face?

“Oh and what’s so funny Jason? You know what? We’ve practiced enough. I think we’re ready for the monday project, so I’ll be leaving now. And trust me I’m never ever gonna enter this room ever again,” I said.

“Scaredy cat,” he said.

“What did you just call me, jerk? How many tines would I have to say it for it to stick in your brain? I’m not scared of you,” I said, with my tone getting higher.

“Right. You’re not scared of me, you’re scared of what could happen between us when we’re alone,” he said with a smirk.

I was tongue-tied as my brain went blank in thinking of a reasonably come back to his statement. I’d completely forgotten that Rose was even in the room, I turned back to witness her smiling. No, not smiling, but actually grinning from ear to ear.

Did I miss something? I thought.

“You have no idea how happy you two made me right now. At first I was worried that one of you might oppose the marriage, but seeing you both this happy, it makes me so so happy,” she said still smiling.

“Of course mom. As long as you’re happy, we’ll be happy. Plus you can see, we’re getting along so well,” he said.

“If arguing with you means getting along, then you’re bigger fool than I though,” I said.

“Trust me babe. I’m a lot of things but a fool is not one of them. If you said handsome, sexy Greek god, yeah I’ll believe you, but jerk, foo, l ass hat, that’s really not me…He said

“You know what? I really really—”

“Okay, okay, it seems I’m in the middle of something. So Alicia dear, like you said, I need to make dinner, but I don’t want to be the reason for you to leave this bonding session. So I just came to let you know that I and Max would be leaving for a trip tomorrow morning. We’ll be back on Sunday. I was worried that you and Jason would kill each other before then, or burn the house down, or one of you would surely end up in the hospital,” she chuckled slightly, “but all my doubts are cleared now. You guys will even have more time to bond, with the house all to yourself. Isn’t that right Jason?” she said.

“Right again, mom. This is gonna be the best weekend ever, and I’ll get to spend it all with you,” he said smirking at me.

I mentally made a note to barricade myself in my room all day on Saturday.

“Alright then, I’ll leave you two to get back to whatever it is you were up to before I interrupted. And oh Jason, I’m really not ready to be a grandma yet, so take it slow with her. Bye bye now,” she said before closing the door.

My mouth was left open as I wondered what Rose would think of me now that she caught us in that position. I looked back to see the jerk still smirking, and thoughts flooded my mind on how I could wipe that smirk off, ranging from beating him up, to giving him a tight slap.

“So babe I don’t remember correctly where were we actually,” he said still smirking, moving once more closer to me.

“Well we were done with the project, so I should really get back to my novel, while waiting for dinner. I’ll see you whenever. I should really get going now. I’ll just be in my room and don’t even think of showing up,” I said before getting up trying to leave, but stopped when I felt his hands on my shoulders, preventing me from moving.

“I wasn’t done yet babe, so you aren’t leaving anytime soon, that’s for sure. Like I said, where were we, huh?” he said huskily.

“And like I said, I’m leaving Jas, so let go of me,” I said.

” ‘Jas’? I love the nickname. It sounds really sexy coming from you. Now we’re even, I’ll call you babe and you’ll call me Jas,” he said smiling still holding me.

“No I was gonna say Jason. It slipped out. It’s totally not a nickname and you can’t call me babe. So stop it because it’s really getting on my nerves now,” I said.

“But that’s exactly what I want babe, I love to rile you up. It makes my day, you know,” he said, suddenly coming closer, while I moved backwards, till I felt my back hit a wall.

Once again I was trapped, and he was just inches away from me.

“Perfect, I remember this moment, at least before mum interrupted. So I think this is the part when I—”

He got interrupted when his phone beeped and we both turned our heads to glance at the text and it made my blood boil.

“Hey it’s Scarlett. We’re still on for Friday night right?


My eyes went wide and I pushed him off immediately and stormed out of his room into mine ,before slamming it shut. Matt was seriously right, he’s just playing me and I’m seriously falling into his trap. Gosh Alicia, you’re so stupid, how could you actually believe those words he sang just because he has a great voice? Of course he probably said the same thing to Scarlett. God you’re really so stupid.

I mentally scolded my self for actually believing the words of a player, he’s just playing with my emotions and feelings, and when he’s done, he’d dump me and move to the next new thing. That was how players work. I’m not going to be the one to change that. Not now, not ever. Sooner or later, I’ll have to tell Rose and Max that I can’t marry him. I really can’t, not because he’s a player, but because I fear that there’s a slight chance I might fall for this bad boy. And if that happens, I know in the end I’ll be the one nursing a broken heart.

Agreeing that I had enough stress for one day, I laid down to get some rest before I have to confront him at dinner.


Six years ago…

“Yay! Finally it’s my birthday. I can’t wait to celebrate.”

Of course you can’t. Jason would be coming over, right? Just say you can’t wait to see him, my subconscious replied.

Shut up you. I have no time for this, I mentally scolded it, but yeah, maybe there was some truth to that statement.

He would make my birthday, of course. Coming without him to the party would just be…well, ordinary, and I can’t wait to see him.

His parents and mine have been friends since like forever. First business partners, then friends, and now best friends. So of course I and Jason got closer, until lately I started developing a little crush, or at least I think it is what do. I know I’m just ten for crying out loud. All I know is that seeing him makes me smile and I can’t wait to see him today.

Taking my bath while singing in the shower, I wore the dress which my mom got me a few days back. Speaking of my mum, where is she?

“Happy birthday hun,” she said entering right on cue.

“Mommy, mommy, mommy, are they here yet?” I said.

“No, you know I’m beginning to think you only wanted a party so you’ll have more time to spend with Jason,” she said.

My cheeks flushed red and I looked away for a second. “Of course not mum. I want a party, seeing Jason is just…well ,an added bonus,” I said.

“Keep telling yourself that till you believe it Alicia. I just hope he sees you just the same way you see him,” she said.

Mom! Stop already. I need to get ready, they’ll be here, I mean the guests will be here,” I said.

Chuckling she left the room, leaving me to hastily put on my gown.

Getting down the stairs, I was greeted with the usual a simple happy birthday song, whilst I searched for Jason, but he was no where in sight.

“Happy birthday, Alicia,” most of them echoed, while I simply smiled in return, still searching for him.

“Looking for someone? Happy birthday, Alicia,” he said with a cute smile.

And just like that Jason Zac made my birthday. Or so I thought.


Panting and gasping hard, I got up from the bed with beads of sweat trickling down my body. I kept repeating the words:” It was just a dream Alicia, it’s not real. It’s in the past.”

I was able to stabilize my breathing after a while and my mind went to the dream I just had. It was strange because it’s been a while since I thought of that moment. The simple day that made me hate Jason Zac, this must be a sign then, a sign that I should stop all this child’s play with him. I can never forget what happened between us and hence I can never forgive him. Merely thinking of it makes my blood boil, and each pulse, each palpitation of my heart beat right now is engraved with the words: I HATE YOU JASON ZAC.

I felt my fists tighten and my veins popping out of sheer anger, hate, vexation, malice, detest, all for that ass hole, jerk face. I can’t even begin to call him names right now, because frankly he wasn’t worth it.

I can’t believe I almost forgot what he did to me, how he broke me, how he tore me into shreds, how he made me hate celebrating birthdays, though my mum usually made me celebrate anyways. But it always reminded of that dreaded day, and he keeps denying it like he doesn’t remember. That only infuriates me more, damn, I hate you Jason Zac, I hate you so freaking much. I’ll never forgive you, that’s for sure, never again. You won’t ever get a chance to hurt me, because I’ll make sure you’ll hate me as much I hate you, maybe even more. That I promise you. And I won’t stop till I make sure the wedding is called off, and you and , we would have no connection whatsoever, and I don’t care what I have to do to ensure that. But what I do know is that we never be.

And with that, I slept off trying to calm my raging heart.


I woke up with a very severe headache. I felt terrible. I think I’m seriously gonna be sick. All because of that bastard, I hate him more and more daily.

“Alicia, it’s time for dinner. You coming? Rose said. “Alicia dear, are you okay? Should I come in?” she said.

“Umm, yes, I’m fine, just a headache. I’ll be fine, and I’ll be down in a minute or two,” I said, not recognizing my own voice.

“OK dear, but if you’re not feeling too well, just get some rest, OK?” she said before retreating.

I got up up from the bed, but landed back immediately as a result of the throbbing pain in my head. I calmed my breath for a moment, before getting back up. This time with a little less pain, I made for the bathroom.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror. To say I was a cast from the Walking Dead was an understatement. I could pass off as one of those vampires in Van Helston. My eyes were puffy and red, my cheeks were swollen and my lips had gone pale all because of that stupid nightmare. I can’t go down stairs like this.

He’ll never get the chance to see me weak, not again. I sprinkled a little water on my face, at least to bring back life to my eyes, then I applied a little make up to cover my cheeks and lips. I wouldn’t say I looked perfect but at least I would make it through dinner.

Climbing down the stairs, I met Rose sitting besides Max and Jason at the far end of the table. I took a seat close to him since, I was determined to prove he would not affect me in any way, and I smiled sweetly at Rose and Max before proceeding to eat.

The air in the room was thick with tension as no one said a word. I caught Jason sending me confused glances throughout dinner, to which I simply shrugged off, not caring for a moment.

“So Alicia any plans for friday night?” Max said.

“Actually there’s this party I would like to go. I’m going with Seb, he’s a really cool guy and I’ll be fine, so you don’t really need to be worried about me,” I said.

“Seb…as in Sebastian?” Rose asked.

“Yeah. Do you guys know him?” I said.

“Well, yeah. He’s —” Max tried to say.

“He’s just a classmate in school,” Jason said, giving Max a look I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

“Oh well, as long as Jason’s going too, I’m okay with it,” Max said.

At the mere mention of his idiotic name my headache was back, and this time with full force. I don’t think I’ll be able to take this anymore.

Excusing myself from the table, I made my way upstairs. I massaged my temples, hoping it would at least help with the headache. I felt the room spinning around me and I felt nauseous like I would puke out my intestines any minutes. I barely got to the top of the stairs before I felt myself falling, but then a firm hand held me by my waist, hoisted me up and carried me, at least that’s all I remember, before shutting my eyes and letting go of everything.


The sun rays woke me up and I realised it was morning. But what I didn’t get was how on earth I got back to my room. Even better, the headache was gone and I didn’t feel dizzy anymore. The last thing I remembered was climbing up the stairs then almost falling.

Oh my God! Holy freaking shit! He carried me again! How dare he? He should’ve just let me fall or something. He had no right to take me like that.

But I think I had another dream because I vividly remember someone telling me to sleep tight and let go for the night, that he’d always be there for me.

Damn I was probably just imagining things. Yeah, that’s it. Well at least the pain was gone. I better get dressed for school and the party’s this evening. Michelle said she would be coming over to get me ready, as well as herself. Then Matt would pick us up. I just hope Jason doesn’t make a scene, or else I swear I won’t know what I’ll do.

I took a shower not so quickly this time, since I had a lot of time. It crossed my mind that Rose and Max had probably left for their trip which meant that the jerk was alone with me in the house. But who cares anyway, I would simply pretend he doesn’t exist.

Easier said than done Alicia.

I picked a simple floral dress this time, and applied more amount of make up than I usually did. Well for some reason I wanted to stand out.

I took one final glance at the mirror, and was strangely satisfied with my reflection. I made way down the stairs, only to be greeted by a husky voice at the crook of my next. I unintentionally shivered, before gasping out in fright.

He chuckled behind me before speaking up. “Good morning babe.”

I simply ignored him and made my way to the table.

“Oh, so we’re playing silence game, huh?” he said.

I didn’t bat an eye lid as I munched on some pancakes. I’ve been dying to have this since forever.

“Scarlett’s not my date babe, and you’re seriously cute when you’re jealous,” he said.

“I’m not jealous you freaking ass hole. Don’t you get the phrase: ‘leave me alone’ or do I have to spell it out for you, huh?” I said, my voice cold, letting my anger speak for me.

“Hey I’m serious, she’s not my date. She asked me out to go with her on friday, but I refused because I don’t want to. She’s not my date babe,” he said.

“I don’t care if she’s not your date. You know, I’ve lost my appetite. I’ll see you whenever, not like I want to see you, so scratch that,” I said getting up to leave.

I grabbed my things and my headphones which I badly needed at the moment, and made my way to school, leaving a stunned Jason behind.

With the school gate in sight, I hummed the last lyrics of Tatiana’s song, Helplessly. I was lost in the song; I guess I’d have continue on the way home.

“Hey Alicia,” Matt called.

I looked back and smiled at him while he smiled back. “Hey Matt,” I said.

“You sound down, are you alright?” he asked.

“Peachy,” I said with a smile.

“Alright then, let’s get to the garden, so you can tell me all about your weekend plans,” he said stretching out a hand for me to grab. Grabbing his hand, I heard the engine of a cycle revving, so I turned to see Jason taking off his helmet.

He looked completely smoking hot today. He wore a tight white T-shirt with his bad boy jacket, which I didn’t notice before. Come to think of it, I didn’t clearly look at him during breakfast. I have to admit, he looked sexy today and I couldn’t stop staring.

Shut up Alicia, you hate him remember? my subconscious scolded.

“You know babe, I’m up for that picture whenever, though you’ll see me at home, but just to make you happy, you know,” he said and I felt Matt tense up around me.

I shot him a killer him a glare and gave him the finger, then I walked behind Matt, en route to the garden. When we got there, we simply took a seat at the far end and he began telling me about his plans for the weekend, while I had none.

“Seriously no plans this saturday?” he said.

“Well yeah, I guess so,” I said felling uneasy.

“Well in that case, do you want to watch a movie with me this saturday?” he said.

My eyes brightened up immediately as I contemplated on what to say. On one hand, this would be perfect to avoid Jason, but on the other hand, I have no idea what to wear.
I guess he wouldn’t care what I wore. This is perfect. Now I don’t have to spend the whole day with that jerk.

“Sure Matt, that’ll be perfect. I’d love to,” I said smiling.

“Hey girl,” Michelle said as we hugged.

“So I’ll be at your house by five. We should get going by six, that okay?”

“Sure,” I said.

“Okay ladies, let’s get going to class then,” he said.

I guess I have to tell Michelle about Matt later, but first we should get going.


Surprisingly the day went past in a blur. Nothing much happened, except for Scarlett flirting with Jason all day. Seriously where can I puke already?

Daisy was laughing mockingly whenever I or Michelle passed. Speaking of Daisy, I wonder who could be her date. Not like anyone would wanna go with a clown, I chuckled, remembering our first encounter.

During lunch I told Michelle about Matt and our supposed date, and she squealed not so silently, which brought a lot of stares to our table. But Michelle being Michelle, cared less. She kept grinning, telling me how much she was happy for me.

Classes were over and everyone kept talking about the party like it was some school party. I guess this is how they are. Well I better get going. Michelle is gonna be here anytime soon.

Getting to the parking lot, I heard some voices and I decided to check it out. I got closer and realized it was Jason’s and Scarlett. Seriously couldn’t they make out somewhere else?

I was about to leave, but her words shocked me and made me stop right in my tracks.

“Jason, please just this once go with me. We always went together. What’s different this time? Is it that bitch, what’s her name again, Alicia right?” she said.

I felt like going over there and giving her a really tight slap, but kept my cool as Jason would think I was following him or something.

“Don’t call her a bitch Scarlett, you’ll regret it. Plus we never went together. You just clung to me throughout and pretended that we were together. And yes it is because of her, so please I have to get going,” he said.

A smile crept to my cheeks at his words. No one has ever defended me like that. I could not stop smiling on the way home and even till I reached my bedroom before lying down, and took my clothes off.

I guess I could take a nap or read a novel. I grabbed the book, The Assassin by Author Bella. Rose wasn’t exaggerating when she said the book was marvellous because it was. Sincerely I didn’t want it to end, but sadly it did and I fell asleep immediately.


I was woken up due to the ringing of the phone and I realized it was Michelle calling. She had sent a few texts earlier. Shit that was close; Michelle would have killed me if I overslept. I scurried g to the gate, where I met Michelle outside, and simply gave her a hug before taking her in, then upstairs into my room. Thankfully, I didn’t run into Jason on the way.

She didn’t waste any time as she began, and I quote, ‘Dolling me up’.

A few hours of mascara, lip glosses, powder and a really tight dress, and we were ready, according to her, whilst she added a few shades of makeup on her face. I stared at my reflection on the mirror, and I could barely recognize myself. I looked completely different. Michelle had really outdone herself this time.

“You know, if you’re done staring at yourself in the mirror, we should really get going, else we’ll be even later than normal,” she said.

I chuckled, before grabbing my purse. But damn, the dresses were tight. Mine was an off-shoulder dress which fell a little above my kneel, whilst Michelle’s was a simple dress but with a V-line. In short she looked stunning. I bet Brian won’t be able to take his eyes off her.

I climbed down stairs carefully. For some reason, my mind went to Jason and what he’d wear, how he’d get there, if he’s even still in the house as I had not heard a sound from his room, nor ran into him at any time.

“Alicia? Earth to Alicia. You there?” she asked.


“You spaced out for a minute there. You okay?”

“Of course, I am. I called Matt a couple minutes ago, he should be here soon. So why don’t we…?”

I didn’t complete my sentence as the door bell rang. That’s probably Matt. Looking away, I made to grab my purse, but turned to meet the shock of my life.

There was Sebastian in our living room and he wasn’t alone he was with Anna for some reason OK what’s going on here

“Hey babe,” Jason said, pecking my cheeks. “Oh and Michelle, you look stunning.” Then he turned to Seb. “Dumbass, where have you been?”

“Okay, I’m confused. Do you two know each other?” Michelle said.

I stared from jason to Seb, and back, not saying a word.

“Well, jerk, I had to go pick up my date. So what do you expect, huh?” he said.

“Your date ? I thought Alicia was your date,” Michelle said.

“Well…you know what? Jason, should I tell her or would you?”

“Tell me what?” I finally found my voice.

“Well, babe you see…I and Seb—”

“We’re cousins,” Seb said.

“You asshole! I was gonna tell her,” Jason said.

“What’s going on here?” Matt said as he walked in.

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