Keeping Up With Trisha (Episode Twelve)

Continued from the last part…

“Thanks so much Chase,” I said to Chase as we walked out of the school building. It was already late and we were done with singing for the day. The last section which was pop went smoothly and we were all congratulated and told to prepare for the next two contests, while we awaited the results.

“You’re always welcome,” Chase said with a smile, then glanced at me to Davis who was walking beside me, as if asking me to thank Davis also.

I glanced at Davis who was gazing around, trying to avoid our conversation. How do I apologise to this arrogant jerk? I shuddered.
My ego won’t let me.

“I’ll be going now, my driver is here,” Eva informed me.

“Goodnight,” I told her.

“Goodnight,” she replied, smiling at Davis. Then I realized the ‘goodnight’ was meant for him not me. I simply sighed as she walked towards her car.

“I’ll be leaving,” Chase put in.

“It’s too late to wait for a cab or go to the bus stop. Why not you give me a ride?” I said to Chase.

“You live with Davis, so he’ll drive you home. I don’t wanna be late for dinner.”


“Goodnight,” Chase cut in and rushed out.

“Will—” I was about speaking when Davis nudged me off and walked past me.

“Don’t leave me please,” I pleaded and he stopped in his tracks. I was really scared of being left alone outside at night.

“My car isn’t enough for the both of us,” Davis said without turning to face me, then he walked to his car and drove off, leaving me behind. I walked to the road side and waited for a cab but there was none available, and the bus stop wasn’t a trekkable distance from here. I slumped on the ground and cried..

“Daddy, I can’t do this. Mummy, where are you? I can’t be a spy anymore.”

I huddled myself up as I shivered in the cold, chilling night. I wished I had taken my car. The network was bad because of the weather, so I couldn’t reach anyone on the phone. The weather became windy and it blew dust into my eyes. I shut them as a heavy thunder rumbled and it started raining. I sluggishly got up and made to run to the school building for shelter when a car honked behind me.

Davis’s POV

When I arrived home, I waited for Trisha to arrive so I could tease her, but she wasn’t showing up.

Ten minutes…twenty minutes…thirty minutes…one hour later but she still wasn’t showing up. I felt less concerned, then took my bath and ate dinner. After dinner, I turned on the TV to a news channel and a weather forecast was on display, there was going to be a heavy storm by nine. I checked the time and it was some minutes past eight. I got worried about her because I promised grandpa to take care of her and if he found out she was out in the storm, I’ll be doomed for life.

I quickly ran to my room and wore a jacket, then I took another for Trisha, grabbed my car keys and dashed outside. I drove in full speed, checking my time regularly. I sighted Trisha from a distance huddled up and shivering in the cold. As I drew nearer, she got up because it had started drizzling, then I pressed the car horn to get her attention.

She turned around and I was touched to see her in tears as she shivered. I ran out under the rain and helped her enter the car just in time before the rain began pouring heavily.

“Why did you come back?” she asked faintly, then rested on the seat.

“There’s gonna be a storm and…” I glanced at her and she was already asleep. I slid my hand under the car seat and made the seat fall back so she would be comfortable.

I checked my time again and knew I wouldn’t be able to make it home before the storm. I ignited the engine and drove off, glancing at my time, then I turned on the radio just in time to hear the news that the storm had begun.

I drove fast to a nearby shade and parked the car. I glanced at Trisha who was still shivering, then took the jacket I had come with and covered her. Her stomach grumbled, signalling that she was hungry. I tapped her calmly and she woke up.

“You need to eat. We won’t be going anywhere till morning. There’s a storm and it would last till dawn,” I told her, then reached out for the snacks I had bought earlier.

Thank goodness I always have snacks in here.

“I’m not hungry.”

“You are. So you better eat this because I don’t know how to be nice to people,” I said curtly and threw the bag on her laps, then I looked away.

“I’ll rather go hungry than eat from you,” she said, then threw the bag back at me.

“Why? What’s wrong with me?” I found myself asking.

“You’re the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

I felt a pang of guilt in my heart as she relaxed back on the seat and shut her eyes.

Am I really that bad?

I stared at the snacks which were now scattered on the floor, then shifted my gaze to her. I regretted coming back. I could’ve just let her die and face grandpa later.

“Thanks for coming,” I mumbled inaudibly. I guess she’s too proud to thank me, just like she was when I helped her in the contest.

I inhaled deeply then rested on my seat as I made the seat to fall back. Her question kept ringing in my head.

“Why did you come back?”

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