Crimson Betrayal

Last night, the colour of what we called ours changed from the warm ambience of an electrified lantern to red crackling splinters of coal.

Don’t you burn within
When you wear a pant, padded with sins and lies and sit at the edge of my table?

Don’t you feel culpable
When I plan the blueprints of friends forever in the wholeness of my heart while you draw a bold ink of crimson betrayal right across it?

Tonight, I dare you to look into my eyes and call me a friend and I’ll show you the stab for every time you were stimulated with him.

Tonight, I dare you to utter a word…
Go on, spout terror and weave more web of lies and you’ll see the fire evoking in my eyes!

Tonight, I dare the moon to flood its light on your face and I’ll show you the birth of shadows that walk unassisted.

I now smell your rotten fruits…
they stink of jealousy and sudden hatred!
I don’t deserve this!

Your lips were always with me but your heart was busy exhorting infliction for my future.

How can you take my trust and disperse it to the winds of reprobation?

How can you permit your hands to play with faeces and yet rub it on my grace?

Come morrow, I’ll soak myself in acceptance of this sorrowful stupor and dry myself in tears and regrets.

Meanwhile, I’ll like to see your back…

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