Unrequited Love

The pain of unrequited love.
Oh! A pain that supersedes most pain.
A pain felt psychologically, neurologically and emotionally.
That pain that scourges the heart.

The pain of two hearts that can’t unite.
That pain is disastrous to the soul.
Lovers who will never be because of another being.
Either has to find solace in the comfort of others for destiny wrote our fate.

Oh Queen of Queens!
You have set me free but I don’t want to be free.
I want to be united with you to spend my all with and in you.

Oh mundane world!
What have I done to you?
Free me of this burden called love.

Let my heart be free from this sponge of sorrow.
And I shall walk my path refined.
Never to feel the pain of unrequited love no more.

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