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Teaching Profession

The teaching profession has become second choices for people living in Nigeria these days. Few children want to be teachers, but they usually drop the idea when they become older because it is less attractive and has little pay. Parents don’t groom their children to become teachers; rather they are always groomed for socially acceptable professions like being a doctor, engineer, banker, and so on. Even teachers themselves are guilty of this.

When individuals go into the university to study the said socially acceptable professions, they graduate from the tertiary institution, serve the country and afterwards get no job. Frustration sets in and responsibility grows even more because of high expectations members of the family placed on the individuals.

The last resort would be to go to a school and teach. Such type of teachers then drives the frustration of not getting their dream job into the students by hitting the students, giving them unnecessary punishments or neglecting the duties given to him/her. Such children who go through such ordeal, grow up to hate the teaching profession and the cycle goes on and on.

The reason why this is coming up is because of lack of models in schools in this age especially in local environments.

Achemphong stated in one of his writings that there are cheaters and teachers. A cheater is one who did not acquire teaching qualifications and is teaching while a teacher is said to acquire teaching qualifications and is teaching.

A teacher should first be certified and should also have the passion for the profession.

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Ilenikhena Ehinomen
I studied guidance and counseling. I love human mind and how they react to events and situations. My head is running with ideas but my hand is slow to write them.
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