Miserable Mary

Sometimes life’s not bad, you know?
It’s just not thinking about you.
It’s busy with the more ‘important’ ones;
the ones who you could help but didn’t,
who did you think would help?
Your fellow human who’s like you? Selfish!

No, it’s life’s job to help the abandoned.
Why do you think you should be helped in the first place?
Your disgusting life of sin!
You should just give up, you know?
There is no way you thought anyone would help you.

Your tears reminds you of the Red Sea,
Just waiting to be torn apart.
Going around thinking you have the worst life problem.
You’ve seen nothing compared to what you deserve, Mary.

Your ugly stretch marks on your bum and thighs chases the men away,
I mean what do you need them for? You had enough in your ‘past life’
Your fallen breasts are like that of your great great grand mother,
looking like two eggplants.

How dare you walk with pride we both know you do not have?
You are shameless Mary, shameless!
Your laughter is sickening.
Why laugh Mary, when you’ve got so much to wail and cry?
Why laugh Mary?
They all hate you!

Of course you weren’t too blind or dumb to think they’d forget.
You are an example of a plague, Mary!
Your heavy make up is making you feel perfect and beautiful,
it wouldn’t change anything.
Stop being stupid Mary.
Disgusting Mary, that’s YOU!

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