Accomplishments in My Boxes

Mummy pushed harder
And out I came crying
Adorned with a soft cloth
And lured to stay calmer
My earthly journey on the set
Daddy whispering
“Older you shall get.”

A toddler, trying to gain balance, struggling to walk
Eating whatever came across
Enrolled in school
Learning the basics of communication
Beautifying walls with charcoal
Innocence crowning the inside
Cheers! I got older

An adolescent I became
Life’s perception changed
Everything appearing in different perspectives
Getting conscious of my body
Learning how I differ from my female folks
Very much aware of good and bad
Really, I was getting older

Became bold, better
As an adult; a young adult
Perception became broader
Feelings heightened
Like, “What’s my life purpose?”
Questions, in scores, piled up
Day after day, week after week
About the things happening around me; the nature and humanity
Struggled to create my own world
While attaching myself to the WORD

Now in my golden year
Acting with less fear
Having gone through pains
Other moments, full of joys
Here I’m contented
On track with ‘the purpose’
Who said age ain’t nothing but number?
Age fifty is something more than a number

Accomplishments in my boxes
But looking forward like the foxes
To the next phase of the journey
Having on mind that living
Is about growing older
And getting better.

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