P. O. E. T. R. Y

Let’s go and change
Surely not the change
promised by the wolves in sheep’s clothing.
Let’s go and change
Surely not “chain”
they hid in their change.
Embrace me faster, tighter
Let’s sing the song of the unlucky
voices lost in wars,
trapped in laws,
dancing in minds,
Celebrating in smiles,
feelings unexpressed and
imprisoned in the
rulers heart.

For my well is filled with invisible
mysterious liquor.
Meant for the wise to fetch.
my soul filled with jumbled images.
Let my successor go tell the world that I’m the voice in Proverb 24 vs 7 saying, “Wisdom is too high for fools.”

Oh mine!
Kiss my heart and rest your
crumbs on my palms.
To remold and redress you
Let me fix you
Where words sinks
there I will rise.
A machine made to stitch your cracks
The spirit ragging to pour the untold stories
Wear me like your wanted wears
Because I’m the rain to a barren land
My pride, my quill, when I speak it bleeds baldly
I store fixed and broken hearts trying to communicate
Embrace me faster
fill your cup
and rest in peace

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  1. I must say that your work aptly speaks with the emotions it ought to. It’s an ambience of one who has done a lot study to how poetry works.

    Keep writing and sharpening your pen, you will be great if your flows continue to influence the mind. I felt what a poem should be in accordance to Aristotle in your work. Kudos!
    All I can say is keep it up !

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