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My Silvery Hair (Episode Eight)

Continued from the last part

The girl shook her head and packed her hair into a ponytail. She was beautiful.

“Hmmm…this face looks familiar,” I said aloud. “Where have I seen this face?” I asked. This face is just too familiar, I can swear I have seen it before but where?

“Maybe you saw her in your dreams,” Daniel said mockingly and I turned to glare at him.

“Or maybe she is the girl who broke your nose,” Drake said.

That was when the face registered fully.

“Yes!” I shouted, jumping up. “She is the one!” I shouted again.

“Calm down dude what are you talking about?” Daniel asked and I turned to look at him with a mixture of joy and anger..

“The girl who broke my nose,” I replied.

“What!” they exclaimed and looked at the screen.

I am so going to deal with her, she won’t be able to escape today.

Prianca’s POV

My head slumped again, startling me. I raised my head and pinched myself hard.

Why am I sleeping in class? It’s so embarrassing.

If I had known that the result will be like this, I would have gone to bed earlier than I did.

I looked at the front door. I have to leave this hall before the teacher catches me sleeping.
But how am I going to leave here without his notice? Okay let me just try to focus, I can do this after all, the lesson has only ten minutes to go.

I can do this. Yes!

I opened my eyes wide, moving my legs up and down just to stay to awake.

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