The Nigerian Youth

“Do you pledge to the green fields
of the lands;
to defend her honour….”
Back up a second!
Did you say honour?

What honour lies
when we are aimed
in the mouth for
voicing that which is true?

“What about her glory?”
I’m sorry, but we are naked….
our dreams are torn
like our flags;
divided by tribalism
and its lots cast to nepotism.
Our hopes are groping blindly
in the dark and slowly
heading towards
the cliff of apathy.
Our aspirations dance
in the roundabouts of dejection.

We are a failed nation;
today wear a gloomy face and sit
at the gates of their subversions
and set their mansions
of embezzlement on fire.

Show us not bronze manifestoes
coated with golden lies and treachery.
Show us not the empty stores of
promises and goals.

Lead us away from the wilderness
you’ve brought upon us;
lead us to the One True Nigeria.

Today, we are nothing but angry youths…
our tomorrows have been marred
and scarred by corruption
and selfishness.

Don’t call me the Nigerian youth,
when a brother was mobbed
last week by those conditioned
to protect us.

Don’t call me the Nigerian youth
when my peers have learnt to wear
the “white man’s curse”;
sew it in different fabrics
of anxiety and depression
and dance into the cold arms of death
while you do nothing about it.

Don’t call me the Nigerian youth
when the certificates of my brothers
are been chewed at home by rats
who partake of our poverty
because there are no employments.

Don’t patronize with all those niceties
and don’t expect me to paint
words in lies just to beautify
our dead society.

Come back to call me
the Nigerian Youth…
when we learn to smile
without our face cracking
or when our voices are finally
heard among the tables
encompassed by portruded bellies
and wrinked faces.

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