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Whispers of Leftover Wishes

As I drive my mind round the building
I halted and took a walk to my record room.
At the RIGHT unit, I found
fulfilled promises,
flowers, letters from
true love, days spent
in warm arms.
Folktales told under
the moon.

Down the LEFT unit is a scary dungeon.
I see, I see wonders.
Wrapped in chaos,
echoes of traumas.
Whispers of left over wishes.

I got lost in the
familiar corners filled with imageries
of fallen stars, sham hopes hidden
behind the darkest door.
The roof opened and
dumped sheets of wanted and
unwanted moments.
Pictures of creamy smiles stamped
all over the walls.
Diaries of blocked, ignored, rejected, spicy and stony events I would never forget.
Shatterpated and paled.

Tangled in the cobweb of wasted times
My poor soul dejected into many adventures.
Pains digging deep,
like a blade slicing the loaf.
My mind screech again.

Somebody help!
Somebody help!
Please take me out of
here or I die.

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