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The Hidden Truth (Part 15)

Continued from the last part…

Mr. Johnson’s POV

“Amelia has done it again. What is wrong with this girl? I’ve told her mother severally to talk to her, now what is this I’m hearing?” I mumbled as I parked my car at the parking lot, and rushed inside. Kate and Amelia were discussing when I came in. My wife immediately stood up to welcome me and I cut her off.

“Dad, welcome,” Amelia greeted.

“Keep your greetings to yourself!” I shouted, surprising them. Immediately they stood up from the cushion.

“Honey, why are you shouting? Why the sudden change of mood?” Kate asked as if I was happy when I came in.

“How could you? How could you Amelia? Why are you bent on disgracing I and my household?” I asked Amelia.

“What have I done again dad?” she asked innocently.

“So you want to be a murderer huh? Why are you doing this?” I asked and Kate came to me and held me.

“What has my daughter done this time, honey?” Kate asked.

“Haven’t you heard? Amelia tried to kill an innocent girl yesterday and she didn’t let me know,” I told her. Amelia hissed and sat down, pressing her phone; Kate immediately left me.

“And then?” Kate asked me. I swiveled to face her immediately.

“God, is that all you have to say?” I asked amazed.

“She tried to kill an innocent girl, does that put food in our table? And the girl isn’t even dead and you’re complaining,” she said making Amelia laugh. This isn’t the woman I married, this is absolutely wrong, what has been happening in my house?

“Kate, so all you have to say is this, Kate why? The girl is currently in the hospital struggling for her life and—”

“She isn’t dead yet, okay? Didn’t the person that told you let you know about what she did? Now you believe them more than you believe your daughter? Take a look at your daughter’s leg, she should be thankful to her God because if it were for me, I would not have spared her,” Kate ranted, surprising me the more. I could not talk anymore, so I rushed upstairs.

Amelia’s POV

“Mom, that was interesting to watch, you are the best.”

“Don’t mind him, you are learning now, anyone that comes in your way, you keep them off. I’m always with you,” she said and I immediately hugged her. Mum is always the best.

Mr. Johnson’s POV

I was sent for by Amelia’s principal. I came in and sat down, waiting for the mother of the child to come.

“I’m sorry for everything that happened, it will not repeat it self again,” I begged.

“I’m disappointed in Amelia, she wasn’t like this before. All you have to do now is to apologize to Ava and her mother. Then you pay the hospital bills,” she said.

“Madam, where’s my child?” A woman rushed in immediately. I turned and we were both surprised to see each other.

“What are you doing here?” I asked immediately.

“I should be asking you that,” she answered me.

“Are you Ava’s mom?” the principal asked and she nodded. I immediately sat down on the chair.

“This is Mr. Johnson, he’s the father of the girl who wanted to kill your daughter, sit.”

I know Clara very well, she won’t react now, she just calmly went over to the principal. “Where’s my daughter?” she asked calmly surprising the principal.

“Come on, let’s go,” the principal said standing up as she left with Clara and I.

Mrs. Clara’s POV

I rushed to where my daughter was kept, she was lying on the hospital bed, with so many machines connected to her body. A girl sat beside her, she was crying. I went closer to the bed, I could see Ava’s face.

“Ava,” I called as I went closer to her body. I touched her hair, her face and her body, and I immediately broke into tears. “Ava, open your eyes,” I whispered. I know she wasn’t going to hear me. The girl cried more. I rushed outside, I saw Johnson and the principal discussing, I went over to Johnson and held him by his collar.

“Where’s your daughter? Why can’t you let my family be? Why can’t you leave us alone?” I shouted drawing attentions to us but I didn’t care, what I cared for was my daughter. “Say something, are you deaf?” I shouted more as tears streamed down my cheeks.

“Calm down ma, he’s—”

“It’s none of your business principal, in fact where were you when my daughter was drowned. I should blame you for all these!” I shouted to her shutting her off.

“Amelia should be punished for what she did to ava, I’m calling the police now,” a girl said bringing out her phone.

“Morris? What are you doing here?” Johnson asked, I released him immediately.

“Mr Johnson, I’ve had enough of your daughter’s nonsense, she should be punished,” Morris shouted.

“What’s the doctor saying now?” Johnson asked.

“She’s out of danger now, you all have to wait for her to regain consciousness,” a young boy said, I looked at the boy again.

“Dave,” I called to the boy and he looked at me as if I have gone mad. Everyone there became surprised.

“You don’t remember me?, I asked him.

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