Realistic Phantasms

Gather round this table.
Sit however you like
for the forum has long been broken.

In this assembly,
I do not desire
to see faces
pulled together
by age
and pretense of statecraft.

No, I intend to see blood boiling with fervour.
I desire to see not arthritic bones
but bones ready to jump and run;
to run with the vision etched deep on the palms of my hands.

The vision where I saw
a youth sit at the edge of affairs;
the hairs of his brain standing erect with change and development.

What is old may never be new.
What is old can never understand what being young in a new propagation is like.

What is old can only give birth to newness.
Perhaps, it’s time! It’s time they incline their ego and let the young rule.

Perhaps, it’s time to scrape old rumps off executive chairs
and office vibrant ones.

Perhaps, I’m just thinking aloud.

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