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Locking Her Heart (Part 19)

Continued from the last part…

Alicia’s POV

I could swear I heard my heart racing at that very moment; I placed a hand over my chest trying to calm myself down, but it was hopeless. It took a while to get over the shock of what transpired between Jason and I.

For a second I thought he’d hate me probably as much as I hate him for what he did, but here he was telling me he wanted him. Well in that case, he was gravely mistaken because last I checked, I am never going forgive him for what he did to me, and the worst part was that he denied it like it didn’t happen; like I was making it up in my head. But I’m not; that day is permanently etched in my head and I’m never going forget it. And if he thinks it’s gonna be that easy to claim me or something, he would be wasting his time, because one thing was for sure—we aren’t compatible. We argue every time, and in addition to that, he ruined the foundation right when we were young. So I think it’s impossible for us to get married. I am really sorry mom and dad, but I don’t think I’ll be able to fulfill your wishes. Not this time…I can’t marry Jason, I just can’t.


Passing the security guards a small greeting, I proceeded to enter the house. As usual, the house was empty as Rose and Max were yet to return; which means that somewhere Jason Zac was hiding in the house. Well in that case I have two options.

Either I quietly go to my room and bury my head in my novels waiting for Rose. Or take the risk of Jason taunting me and enjoy the lovely library as well as the amazing view the house had to offer. I mentally battled with myself on what to do.

On one count I would really love to explore the library and see how many books I could read, but then I’ll probably run into the jerk while I was at it; and I’ve seriously had enough of him for one day. Plus I’m trying to get him off my mind and seeing him would really not be helping matters in any way.

But then again going to my room would mean I would be seriously bored doing school work which would take me less than an hour to complete.

Think Alicia think, what to do what to do? Well first things first, at least let me go and freshen up, then I’ll see where the day takes me.

Quietly climbing up the stairs in other not to wake the sleeping giant. Though I doubt he’ll be sleeping, rather he’ll probably be thinking of new ways to annoy me. He wouldn’t need to think far as everything he did was freakishly annoying to me, and like the jerk he was, he derived pleasure from doing so

I silently heaved a sigh of relief when I got to my room safe and sound without making any sound whatsoever. Maybe I am lucky after all. Carefully twisting my door knob, I looked left and right, checking one last time to see if he was any where in sight, but the coast was clear and this brought a smile to my face.

Tiptoeing into my room carefully so as not to move anything, as that would make a sound and alert him, I made sure the door was properly locked before leaning on it and letting out a breath which I didn’t realise I had been holding.

“Ever heard of the saying that if Mohammed refuses to come to the mountain…? Well Jason would have to come to Alicia. It’s really funny the way you tried not to make a sound. That would have really been effective, except for the fact that I told you fate draws us closer, and you can’t stop it babe,” he said, sitting on my bed with a silly smirk on his face.

At that moment a lot of things went through my mind, but above all was to badly hurt the jerk in front of me.

Firstly he had no right to even think of coming into my room, then sitting on my bed.

I was about to pour out the deadliest curses I could think of, when I noticed something else…was that a guitar?

I’ve always had a thing for guys who were musically talented, but it wasn’t possible he could play it right? And even if he could, that would not change anything between us.

“What the hell are you doing in my room? Get out Jason. I’ve had enough of you for one day, you can continue your chase tomorrow. Just go,” I said, hoping he would leave because I’ve come to notice things didn’t really go well when we’re left alone.

“You know babe, even if I leave that won’t stop you from thinking about me. Like I said, I’m gonna cloud your thoughts, your mind, soul, heart and body. I’ll be your addiction, you won’t be able to stay an hour without me, because I know I can’t stay without you,” he said.

I stared at him with my eyes widened, not knowing how I could possibly reply him as he was right about one thing. His words do make me absolutely speechless.

“You know babe, I’m really flattered you wanna keep staring at me, but we need to work on that project, so I have an idea to fix both our problems,” he said.

He moved a bit closer to me, while my feet seemed glued right to the floor. He kept coming closer until he was just inches away. He gently tucked some hair behind my ears before whispering,

“Take a picture, it’ll definitely last longer so you can stare at it anytime you miss me, and I know that’s probably a lot. Then when you’re done we could go work on the project. How does that sound babe?” he said.

“Seriously are you dumb or just plain stupid? How many tines would I need to tell you not to call me ‘babe’? And I’ll rather puke out my insides than stare at you. You know, for someone who thinks highly of himself, trust me when I say this: you aren’t really that hot or handsome,” I said through gritted teeth.

But my subconscious knew half of what I uttered was a lie, but I wasn’t going to fuel his enormous ego by admitting that to him.

“And didn’t I already tell you I don’t want to partner up with you? I’ll do it with Matt because he’ll be a better partner than you. In fact, not just in this project, he’s a better friend than you’ll ever be,” I said.

I expected him to get affected but he simply smirked.

“Trust me babe, that’s all I need to hear—him being a friend. Now go freshen up. I’ll be back in ten so we can get started,” he said. “Oh and if you’re wondering, I can play the guitar. I’m just so talented that way and I’m sure I’ll blow your mind with my voice, that’s for sure babe. Don’t think of me too much, I’m just down the hall,” he said smirking before leaving.

Knowing I had no other option as the project was due on Monday and the party would prevent me from working with any other person, I decided to do the project with him. But once it was done, he would have to leave my room and let me rest. I’ve had enough stress for one day.

Taking off my clothes and taking a quick bath, I wore some casual outfits, picked up my book which I’ve been unable to complete—thanks to Jason, and waited for the jerk to come in.

Surprisingly, exactly ten minutes to the time he left, he barged in. That was to be expected as Jason would never knock on the door; he was just that much of a jerk and an ass.

“So babe if you’re done staring at me, let’s get to work shall we? Maybe I’ll even let you take a picture since you can’t stay away,” he said winking.

“One, don’t call me babe; two, like I said you think so highly of yourself for reasons best known to you, when in actual fact you look like an ugly duckling; and three, let’s get this over with so you can leave me the hell alone,” I said, glaring at him.

“One, I can’t stop even if I tried to; two, we both know am strikingly handsome, which is why you can’t seem to take your eyes off me. If you want that picture so badly, you don’t have to try and make me think otherwise I would be elated to give it to you. Oh and three, we should get to work, but not here; I can’t get inspired in your girly room. Let’s go to mine,” he said.

My breath hitched when he mentioned his room. for6 some strange reasons, I could not help but avoid everything that would concern him which included his room. So there was no way in hell I was going to his room.

“No, I’m not leaving this room. Either we do it here or you get out and let me get some rest,” I said with a tone of finality.

“Why, huh? You scared something inevitable might happen between us babe?” he said, smirking.

“The only inevitable thing here is that one day I might rip your head off out of anger, and there no way I’m scared, I’d rather be scared of cockroaches. I just don’t wanna be in your dirty guy’s room. So I’ll rather do it here, plus you can get all the inspiration you need, that’s for sure. Lastly I’ve been walking round the school trying to memorize every nook and cranny so not to get lost, so now my feet are sore, I can’t get off this bed even if I wanted to,” I said before realizing a breath I didn’t notice I was holding.

Well the last part wasn’t exactly a total lie as I really had been trying to get the hang of the school, but the look on his face clearly show9 he wasn’t budging one bit.

“But you are scared of cockroaches, babe. I remember that much from when we were little. Which means you’re also scared of coming into my room, isn’t that right babe?” he said, plastering once more his signature smirk, while walking towards me. “Oh and we could easily fix the problem of your sore foot,” he said before smiling mischievously.

Before I could wrap my head around his last statement, he picked me up in bridal style and headed for the door.

I pushed, screamed and started hitting him in anyway I could, but this seemed to only amuse him more as he felt little or no effect to what he called my girly punches.

“You seriously need a chill pill. You said you can’t walk and like the helpful person I am, I carried you. So what’s the big deal?” he said getting closer to his room.

“That’s not the point. I don’t want to be in there with you. Jason put me down,” I said.

“You’re contradicting both statements you know? First, you said you can’t walk well, now you want me to put you down. I won’t be that much of a helper that way now, would I? Secondly, you said you aren’t scared of the both of us alone in my room, so why don’t you wanna go in there, huh?” he said.

I shut my mouth immediately, as once more his words had me speechless.

“Good. Well in that case, let’s get started,” he said before twisting the knob of his door, then finally putting me down.

I did the first thing that crossed my mind and stomped on his feet hard, before taking a closer look at his room, while he groaned in pain.

As expected, it was immensely boyish with football posters on all corners, most of his clothes were scattered around, but the shocking part was that his guitar was kept on the chair and his bed was made neatly and that section of his room was free of dust or dirt. Guess he must really love his guitar.

The whole room was filled with his cologne as well as his scent, I had to admit this was slightly better than I had imagined. I think for once maybe he deserves a compliment at least on his room.

“Well, I know, right? My room is great, so let’s get started already,” the jerk in him spoke up.

I swallowed my words back as I knew he would only taunt me further should I compliment him.

Taking a seat farthest from his bed, which I expected he would lay on, which earned me a small chuckle from him, he picked up the guitar and sat on the bed, while I stared at the ceiling, silently praying for him to make the first move.

“So the project is about something that has to do with emotions, right? So do you have any song in mind?” he said surprisingly serious for once.

“I’m not that good at composing songs. So why don’t we just use an old song?” I said avoiding his eyes.

“That sounds great, I guess. But before then, uhmm…how does this sound?” he said, sounding nervous.

I never thought I would see the day Jason Zac was freaking nervous. This is priceless, but so was I. Like I said, I was drawn to guys who were musically talented. So I really hope he can’t play the guitar, but here goes nothing.

He cleared his throat a bit before singing while playing the guitar.

“A few weeks back all I could say was that love was stupid

I never for once believed that anyone could tame me

I always prayed silently I’ll never fall in love because I knew it would hurt me

But here you are babe, making me wish I met you earlier because I would gladly give you everything

You make me crazy

You’re my addiction

I think I’m falling really badly, and suddenly I can’t stop. Not like I want to, I really can’t help it, so I have to say this

Your smile makes me go crazy, not seeing you makes me go mad. If wishes were horses, I’ll wish you’ll never leave me

Babe I love you, and it’s killing me that I can’t say it just yet, but I promise you one day you’ll be mine and I’ll be yours, not because we are bound by anything, but because we’ll be helplessly in love.”

He finished in perfect rhythm, not for once going off key. He looked up as our eyes finally met and he smiled once again. Jason Zac was giving me a genuine smile, and I couldn’t help but smile back because he was amazing on that. Maybe just for once, I won’t care about the consequences and finally admit something truthful to him.

“That was amazing Jason.”

I expected a sassy comeback or a smirk, but he shocked me by simply smiling before speaking up.

“So which song would you like to take? I could help you with the strings,” he said.

“I only have one in mind—I’m Yours by Alessia Cara.

His eyes darkened a bit, probably at my choice of words.

“Of course I love that song, it can never be outdated to me,” he said still smiling.

For once I and Jason finally had something in common. I could not stop grinning.

“Alright ready whenever you are ready,” he said.

I decided to just pick a part of the song the one I loved most.

” ‘Cause I wasn’t looking for love no

Nobody asked you to give me a touch of you, in fact you tricked me

And I wasn’t trying to fall on love, but boy you pushed me

So all that I’m asking is that you handle me with caution

‘Cause I don’t give myself often, but I guess I tried today

‘Cause I’ve had my heart broken before

And I promised I would never let myself get hurt anymore

But I tore down my walls

And opened my doors, made room for one

Oh baby I’m yours. Oh baby I’m yours. Oh baby I’m yours. Oh baby I’m yours. Oh baby I’m yours

But I tore down my walls

And opened my doors, made room for one

Oh baby I’m yours. Oh baby I’m yours. Oh baby I’m yours. Oh baby I’m yours. Oh baby I’m yours.”

I didn’t notice when my eyes shut while singing, and for a minute, I was lost in the song as only the guitar was heard, while I sang, not caring about a thing. I stopped for a second and opened my eyes to see him staring at me intently, and his eyes had darkened for some reason.

He dropped the guitar and stood up, daring to come closer to me, until he was right in front of me. Once more pushing the little strands of hair from my face, he whispered ever so softly, his breath fanning my face.

“You sound amazing, Alicia, the absolute best. And what I would give right now to make you say those words to me and mean it with all your soul. But like I said, one day I will be yours and you mine,” he said huskily before trailing his eyes down to my lips, while I got lost in his eyes. He nearly closed the distance, and was about to do what I think was to claim my lips, before the door knob twisted.

I acted on impulse and pushed him off me as Rose walked in on us, confusion clearly visible on her face

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