Captivating Flower

Has always got me captivated
She’s like a lily flower
A flower with the brightest of colours
And with the purest of scents
But exists in the garden
Of both bright and dull colors.

Has always got me captivated
But how do I tell her?
How do I tell her I like the bright color she reflects in the morning?
Oh diamonds! Bright
How do I tell her I like the scent she airs in the evening?
Oh Myrrh! Pleasant

Has always got me captivated
Glowing even in the dark
So succulent in the midst of thorns
Her sprouting was difficult though
What good thing never had a difficult beginning?
Tell me

Dear you,
You’ve been in my eye
Not like an apple yeah
But something else with value
Alas! Crying you’ve got me
Worried you’ve made me

Just the other night
Thought we could have a cool
Moment together, longer maybe
But you were fading
Even though you came
With your roots stuck in the moist humus
Yet you were fading
Wanting away

The humus, the support system
Tried to make you calm
That you’re in a safe zone
Yet you wanted away
You were fading
Just because of me

Plucking you, I never wanted
But having you around I needed
‘Won’t be bad beside a flower’
I had thought
But you always shied away
From me. Fading…

Gleamy flower
You’re such a wonder
‘But why can’t you let me?’
I still ponder…

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