A Lonely Thought

I’m living at the edge, the very edge.
Playing life like a game of chance,
Drowning in self-consciousness,
knowing more than I need to,
and knowing nothing at all.

I write songs with no sounds,
dance to silent tunes,
dream with eyes wide open,
love with reckless fatality,
and tell truths that might kill me.

My body is sick but my mind isn’t.
My face is happy but my heart isn’t.
A blind man sees me but people don’t.
A deaf man listens to me but people don’t.

Who I am is what I can never fully understand.
I’ve made my peace with it and moved on.
But my only problem,
is what I should tell people,
when they ask me who I am.

One thing is for certain,
I’m different.
I’m either not human enough,
or humans have evolved to a new species,
leaving me and my kind behind.

Are you my kind?
Are you different?
Do you not know who you are?
Do you like being alone?

Come; let’s be alone together…

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