Welcome to My Country

Ugly beauty, wise fools,
dead men walking,
young men killing themselves,
and old men sitting on the throne.
Welcome to my country.

Sad happiness, intelligent dullards,
schools that force a fish to learn how to climb,
crew members jumping ship,
and girls that only want to look good.
Welcome to my country.

“Which way Nigeria?” asked the old drunk.
“Which way to go?” he continued as he sipped his drink.
I had no answer, so I joined him.
And then we sang sorrowful songs.

We’re all responsible for this beautiful land.
A land that once flowed with milk and honey,
but now it flows with blood and more blood.
I can’t say I weep for Nigeria,
that would be a lie.
What I do is laugh in hopelessness.

Lonely socialites, rich beggars,
social media celebrities,
and real-life nobodies.
The young ones want to die,
and the old ones want to live forever.

Democratic dictators rule this land,
a cow’s life is priceless in this land,
they pray more than they work in this land,
and people hate each other in this land.

This is Nigeria; look how we’re living now…

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