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Letter to Every Youth

Dear Youths

How is life, life you live lying to yourself that you will never get old?
How is the curiosity that owned you?
Has it been easy learning the lesson? The lesson that you are an adult now
Have you becomed learders already? Or is tomorrow yet to arrive?
I heard you are a prodigy, a prodigy to every politician

Dear Youths

What happened to ‘Not to Young to Run’?
Has it been easy outrunning the 6ixties, 7ties, and 8ties? Or have you learned the Mystery behind Usain bolt’s speed
What happened to ‘Get Them Young’?
Or are you gone and them getting?

Dear Youths

Are you still single and searching?
Are you still single and ready to mingle?
Or are you trailblazers creating an era, an Era for all to remember

Dear Youths

Don’t let depression deprive you of your potential
Don’t let changes deprive you of your change
Don’t let tomorrow deprive you of your today, because you should be leaders today and not tomorrow
Don’t run the race like Usain did, there is no finish line to your race
But records for you to break

Dear Youths

When you get to the top of the mountain
Don’t throw greed off the cliff, it may hurt the next climber
When you get to the top of the mountain
Don’t rain sins but blessings

Dear Youths

I heard you are all the same
That corruption is your daily routine
That poverty and unemployment is the burden you carry
That you are not Kings and Queens but SlayedKings and SlayedQueens

Dear Youths

I besiege you to go, go and conquer the game
The game of politics
The game of peace
The game of unity
The game of trust
The game of patriotism
The game of love
The game of builders, building a nation
And if you care to know who wrote this
Then my name is Poem

Happy International Youths’ Day

About Author

Muhammad Haruna
A writer, author, publisher, creative freak, actor, promoter, manager, an authorprenuer and also a story lover.
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