Faithful King

Came out of my home one day
Hungry and mourning my dress
For it was, oh, so shabby!
But satisfaction and appreciation gripped me
When I saw beggarly beggars
Some without sight, or legs, or arms
But He puts food on my table
At the end of the day.

Came out of my home one early morning
Cursing my landlady
A thief of a person she was
And for that room as small as anything
And then I saw wearies
Black from the sun during the day
And roused every minute by the cold at night.
That left me wondering at other dangers they were exposed to.
That left me appreciating
The warmth of my home.

Came out of my home one day
Ready to make my dreams come true
But saw many people
Stronger than I
Who was I in so vast a world?
What was my ambition compared to theirs?
Yet I knew
That He cared to fulfill them
If I put in some hard work.

Came out of my home one day
Thanking Him every hour
For if He had not been so faithful
I would not be so dainty.

This poem was motivated by Christina and Eugene’s conversation in ‘The Genius’ by Theodore Dreiser. They were saying that man was too small in the earth to be cared for by God.

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