Africa Birthed Us

Africa birthed us
With dark melanin
And dark keratin
To set us apart,
make us stand out,
Unique in our own way

Africa birthed us
With full breast and hips
With strong hands and limbs
Africa birthed us
As wise as could be
Well toiled in all arts
And pure sciences, provided with elements to complete our endowment

Africa birthed us
As beautiful as could be,
the wilderness and green,
grown ever so succulently
The animals as numerous
Taken as enemy or friend

Africa birthed us
To be wanted yet rejected
To be needed yet neglected
By our own
By aliens
By strangers far and wide

Africa birthed us
A bittersweet mother
A bipolar lover
A dependent brother
A treacherous sister
A hen to her chick
A black widow convicted

Africa birthed us
With no appreciation
And rejected affiliation
We spat on her face
Stood on our toes looking over the fence for what we did not own
For where we could not belong
We trampled on her love and provision
Left green grass in search of coal tar
Left fresh air in search of canned relief…..

Our forefathers warned
The renegades admonished
But alas it is too late
The rebellious children of mama Africa have neglected their mother
Destruction is upon us
In famine and climate change
In global warming and depleting resources

Africa birthed us,
Foolish from the womb
Africa taught us,
Deafened by us
Africa weeps for us
The rebellious children
Whom she cared for
Africa birthed us
Yet we declared ourselves

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