A Walk Down Memory Lane

Despondent of Yesterday

The road to today is not adorned
with sunflowers and decorated dreams.

We were whelped with no spoons in our mouths;
merely our mouths ingesting our lean thumbs.

The times when hunger carved a cave
of its own in our bellies
and kindled the radiance of hopelessness.

Nether starless skies we grew;
in cark and dreamless nights.
On cold mats we coiled;
our alimentary cords at warfare with us.

Ask me to jaunt down the path
I had scarpered from and
I’ll weep upon the forger of destinies.

Not all have a pleasant walk
down the path laden with memories.

How we got here we cannot say.
But we are among the few who
have dusted their buttocks
to severe sufferance.

We fear, still, to peer into yesterday
and behold its enduring horror.

Now we dare to dream chatoyant dreams,
chew marshmallows from the skies
and drink the clear waters
that plunge from above.

We can henceforward
look into tomorrow;
spiraling in a ball of albescent crystal
and wear a hat of pride
for we are no longer
the despondents of yesterday.

You can call us The Hopefuls;
we bathe in the silver drops
of anticipation.

We are hyperbolized in the regality
we share with the aged
yet we are embellished
in the aliveness of the youthful.

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